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Updates on the new Vet home

Recently, I have spoken with several people that think the Veterans Home is still not for “REAL”.

The land transaction is in the works and the fundraising is proceeding. Angie Steinbach and I were in St. Paul last Tuesday as they interviewed architects for the project, and Wold Architects have been selected for design and construction.

 We feel that there is a perception that because land and infrastructure costs of $707,007 could not be counted, that the project is on hold, which is not true. The reason we want to replace these funds with donations is that it will add to the overall size and amenities of the facility. NOTE: The DVA has extended the date for final pledges until September 28th for all communities.

There should be dancing in the streets that this project has been approved. First, our veterans are finally getting the care they so richly deserve, and a facility that will be in reasonable traveling distance for their families.  They stood up when called, it is now time that we stand up and support them and the Veterans Home.

Second, we were very disappointed with the closing of MTI and Coborn’s and the loss of their employees in the community. They were our friends and neighbors. You continue to hear rumors of other closings, which are just coffee group rumors. I do not hear groups talking about the $4 million school that will be constructed this fall for mentally challenged young children that will employ 35 employees, or the $40 million Veterans Home that will employ 110 employees, in addition to the construction workers it will bring to the community.

Retail, schools and medical facilities will all benefit from this new economic vitality. Yes, the veterans will be better served than in the past, but everyone will benefit from the employees and wages added to the area.

There should be rejoicing by everyone.

The construction of the Veterans Home is expected to start in late fall of 2019 with occupancy in May of 2021.

It is anticipated that in late September or earlier October, the Architectural Firm will want to have a meeting with Veterans and their families for input on design.  It will be their home, and only fitting that they should have some input.

Also, a reminder of the September 12th celebration. It will start at the new site for a few words, and then move to the American Legion for comments from several dignitaries, followed by a light lunch and refreshments.

Let us all spread good factual information and forget about rumors, as they are just rumors.

God bless our veterans and God bless America.

—Marvin Garbe, Veterans Home Committee


Freedom of the Press

Mike’s Freedom of the Press Editorials are thoughtful and objective. Mike is articulate. As I have said before, the Monte American-News is lucky to have him. Also, he is fair and balanced.

—David M. Larson