50 years ago

September 1968

• A neighboring Redwood County newspaper summed up the 1968 primary elections thus: “Guess what? A total of 10 voters, eight Republicans and two Democrats, took the trouble to go to the polls. This possibly was a new low in total votes for any election we can recall offhand. Results – who cares!”

• City Clerk Gordon Valle said the previous week’s primary election cost the city approximately $438, or $125 for armory rental, $298 for poll officials, $15 for booths and other equipment and $1.88 apiece for each voter’s ballot.

• In other government funding updates, a report noted the wood in wooden nickels was itself valued at approximately seven cents.

• Redwood Falls Public Utilities said 43 housing units in the city were being heated by electricity, but that number would more than double when Lakeside Manor – then in the process of being built – and its 60 apartments were finished.

• All churches in Redwood County except for the Wisconsin synod Lutheran Church banded together to plan a survey “to help churches be more effective in these times and more understanding of people today.”

• Roger Hassinger of Redwood Falls discovered a surprisingly effective way to improve his golf score: break a couple ribs in an accident. When Hassinger had recovered sufficiently to resume playing, his scores dropped from the mid-40s to a consistent score in the upper 30s.

• Yet more evidence the baby boom was over: Clerk of District Court Keith Baldwin announced so far the number of births in Redwood County in 1968 was running less than half the number of births at the same month in 1957 – 137 to 282.

• City councilors debated painting the water tower a more pleasant color, such as baby blue or pastel green and possibly painting Redwood’s ZIP code on it as well.

• For the halftime show of the Redwood Falls High School vs. Worthington football game, the band planned on an “At the Bullfight” theme, playing arrangements by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

25 years ago

September 1993

• With the state government anticipating possible record low yields for this year, area farmers nervously watched temperatures dropping quickly by the day to see when the first killing frost would hit.

• Weekend activities included the dedication of the new Renville community center, the St. Catherine’s Fall Festival, the Redwood Valley Riders Trail Ride (with 228 riders) and the Redwood citywide garage sales.

• RVMS student Jessica Erickson, 11, participated in a paleontological excavation in Hot Springs, S.D., helping dig up bones of a wooly mammoth.

• When school started Thursday, all three Redwood area school district schools had new principals.

• Redwood Falls and Waseca were the finalists in the University of Minnesota medical school’s rural family practice residency program.

10 years ago

September 2008

• Ethel Keil donated two acres of land east of the cemetery for a new Redwood area animal shelter.