The Montevideo City Council met in a special meeting on Monday evening.

The Montevideo City Council met in a special meeting on Monday evening. All council members were present, along with city attorney Janice Nelson. Also present were many city employees representing the Fire Dept., Public Works Dept., Police Dept., and other employees.

The meeting began at 7 p.m. and council president Marvin Garbe called for the meeting to be closed to the public. Those in attendance were asked to leave the council chamber, and gathered in the hallway outside as the doors to the chamber were closed.

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The proceedings were visible through the large glass window separating the hallway from the council chambers. Discussion ensued among the council members, at times appearing heated.

At one point, Montevideo City Manager Steve Jones was ushered into the meeting where he took part in discussions for the duration of the closed session.

Approximately one and a half hours later, the meeting was reopened to the public. Once everyone was seated in the room, council member Todd Hay gave a statement, saying: “The council would like everyone to know that no termination of the city manager was ever planned by the city council. The information that you saw on the TV last time was just speculation between parties. The council wasn’t ever planning on terminating.

“Now what we’re doing is that I am going to make a motion that the city manager and assistant city manager sit down and work on a succession plan over the next week. At our next council meeting, they will bring their results and present it to us as to what they are looking at doing for a succession plan.

“What we are trying to do is in the best interest of the city, and that’s our only intent. The last meeting was just to look at who we have set up as far as retirement coming up. Because, if all of a sudden, everybody that could retire, retired, we would be in a big world of hurt.

“So we’re just trying to find out who it is, when they can go, and go from there.”

Hay then made a motion to have the city manager and assistant city manager work on a succession plan and bring the results back to the council by the next council meeting.

Garbe then asked for a second, and a vote was taken. The motion passed unanimously.

Garbe then stated: “Hay was 100 percent right. It was never our intention to go out and fire the city manager.” The meeting was then adjourned.

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