Part of the ongoing crisis in health care is the recruitment and retention of quality employees.

Part of the ongoing crisis in health care is the recruitment and retention of quality employees. Hospitals and clinics in Greater Minnesota have found it increasingly challenging to lure employees away from metropolitan areas. Rural communities simply can’t offer the same things a metropolitan area can.

That being said, when a prospective employee likes what a community does have to offer, everything seems to work out for the best.

Patty Frank has been hired as the new Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO). This week marked Frank’s fourth week on the job, and so far she is very pleased to be a part of the Montevideo community.

Frank is eminently qualified for the positions. “I have a Masters Degree in Nursing, and I’m finishing up my doctoral nursing practice degree. Probably within the next year and a half, I’ll have  that completed,” she said.

Originally from Ohio, Frank most recently worked for a 25-bed hospital. “I was the chief nurse at that organization for almost ten years. So I’m new to the role here at CCMH, but I’m not new to the job itself,” said Frank.

So how does someone working for a hospital in Ohio end up in Montevideo? Frank said: “It was kind of unique. I wasn’t really looking to relocate or take on a new position, but I had a recruiter reach out to me, one that I’ve talked to historically over my career as chief nurse, and they said this was a great opportunity.”

Frank said that she had certain criteria on her list which needed to be met if she was ever going to relocate. “It had to be an area that had seasons,” she laughed. “It had to be an area that was a small rural community that was very close knit. Agriculture was big where I am from in Ohio, and it is here as well.”

With so many things being similar, Frank accepted the position at CCMH and made the move.

Frank is married, and her and her husband Tim have two adult children a daughter and a son. Her husband is a farmer and is set to soon retire from a long time factory position. He is currently finishing up with fall harvest, and will be joining his wife in Montevideo in January.

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