Entire inventory is donated, and the gifts are free for students shopping for their families

    Coordinated by Crookston High School counselor Leah Zimmerman, the “Christmas Store” at the high school is an annual initiative available to CHS students, and it’s open again for this Christmas shopping season.

    Students can come in to the counseling office, where the store is located, during passing time, their lunch hour, and after school to shop for gifts for their families. All gifts picked out at the store are free. Gifts range from basketballs to baby toys, and to sweaters, jeans and jewelry.

    “I’m thankful for the store,” a CHS student said. “I wouldn’t be able to afford gifts this year. The store is a big help.”

    The store even has a wrapping station stocked with an array of wrapping papers, tape, gift bags and tissue paper. Students can wrap their own presents or ask for help from a staff member present in the store. All the gifts and gift wrapping supplies in the store are donated by members of staff and district administration.

    Volunteers from the CHS Parent Teacher Action Group have also assisted at the store.