Editor's column

Tuesday night I went to the Sleepy Eye Elementary School concert. That was number three in my four concert series for December. Earlier this month the high school bands and choirs at Sleepy Eye High School delighted me with their songs of the season and last week I went to the elementary school program at St. Mary’s. Concert number four is St. Mary’s band and choir concert Thursday (tonight) evening.

School concerts bring back lots of memories of my school days and my daughters’ school days. One year, maybe when I was in 4th or 5th grade, I got to portray Little Nell for the song “Up on the House Top.” That was one of my biggest roles in a school musical production. And, my memory might even be inflating the whole thing!

Anyway, it’s fun to see the little kids so excited to put on their programs, and search for familiar faces in the crowd, and belt out their songs. I know they spend several months preparing, so maybe their music teachers are glad to move on after the concerts.

This year’s program at St. Mary’s featured the older elementary students and I was very impressed. They knew all their lines and sang their songs with full voices and lots of enthusiasm. While I watched and listened the thought crossed my mind that the future stars of St. Mary’s high school musical productions were right there on stage.

I was also impressed with the many students at Sleepy Eye Elementary School’s concert who showed off their talent on the xylophones and piano keyboards. What a wonderful way to expose the students to more musical instruments. I have to admit, I also enjoyed all the sparkly and festive Christmas dresses worn by the girls. Oh, and the boys looked very fine, too.

Thank you to the teachers who work so hard to prepare for these concerts.

And for more holiday fun, Holiday Lights in Motion will have their final special events of the season this weekend! On both Friday and Saturday nights there will be horse carriage rides and free will concession stands. Friday’s stand supports St. Mary's Science Club and Saturday’s stand supports the Sleepy Eye Ambulance Service. Head to the park to enjoy some special Sleepy Eye holiday fun!

My wish for you is a Merry Christmas with your loved ones.