Life has often been compared to card games or other games of chance.

Life has often been compared to card games or other games of chance. “When it comes to life, you have to play the cards you’ve been dealt” is a familiar phrase. “Some­times you have to roll the dice” is another.

Some people might not like the cards they’ve been dealt and do nothing but complain about the game. Others, like former Montevideo graduate Josh Preston, play the cards they’ve been dealt and take control of the game.

Preston, 28, is in the running for the Student Regent position on the University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents. The position is a big deal, and it is an elected position. As in elected by the Minne­sota State Legisla­ture, but that is only part of this story.

Preston grew up in a single parent home. His mom was widowed at the age of 30 and was left with two kids to raise. To hear him tell it, he wasn’t exactly an angel. “Growing up I was a little troublemaker. I was brought home in the back seat of a squad car on more than one occasion!” he laughed.

“Our family relied a lot on Family Services, said Preston. “They provided us with school supplies, winter clothing, and food stamps. The state and county gave us the things we needed to get by,” Preston said.

Things began to change for him in middle school, and later, at the high school. Preston credits the adults in his life for turning his life around. “Matt Danielson, Kathy Kinsley, and Patrick Moore were always there to give me encouragement when I needed it,” he said.

If there was one word to describe Preston, it would be “determined.” Even though he didn’t have an end goal in sight, he kept pressing forward in trying to become a better student, and a better person.

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