On April 6, more than 650 youth, in 132 teams from across Minnesota, participated in the 4-H State Project Bowl—the second largest 4-H event of the year. The 4-H State Project Bowl challenges teams of three to six youth to test their knowledge on a variety of animal science and agriculture topics including dairy, dog, general livestock, horse, llama, poultry, rabbit and wildlife conservation.

Hundreds of teams participated in regional competitions held throughout the state in March, with top teams qualifying to compete in the state bowl. Each competition includes junior and senior divisions. Teams are quizzed in one-on-one and open rounds. The first participant with the correct answer earns points for their team. 4-H State Project Bowl winners in dairy, general livestock, horse, and poultry go on to national project bowl competitions.

“Through 4-H State Project Bowl, youth build communications skills, and gain a deeper knowledge and interest in agriculture-related areas,” said Amber Greeley, Extension 4-H program manager. “These experiences contribute to their success in school, future areas of study in college, and eventual careers.”

Sophia Portner participated in the Watonwan County Dairy Project Bowl team. “It was a great experience to challenge myself and learn more about dairy and the industry, while getting to meet and work with kids from other counties,” she said. The dairy project bowl team finished in third place.

The Brown/Blue Earth horse bowl team finished in seventh place. “These horse bowl kids enjoyed their state experience,” said Rachel Kucera, one of the coaches for the team. “They competed well, with all three matches,ending in close scores, and were especially excited with a win. They learned a lot of information from this experience and made some strong friendships.”