Mayor Jim Curtiss administered the Oath of Office to two of Montevideo’s newest police officers, Angela Milo and Cody Odegard, at Monday evening’s city council meeting. Monte­video Chief of Police Ken Schule introduced the officers to the council and others in attendance at the meeting.

Milo is making a return to the Montevideo Police Department after spending some time in Foley as a school resource officer. Schule said: “We’re very grateful to be able to steal her back, and she just spent her first day as the new school resource officer.”

Odegard is originally from the Montevideo area. “This is Cody’s first job in law enforcement,” said Schule. “He’s got about a month left of field training, and he is doing a tremendous job. I’d like to welcome both officers to our department!”

After the introduction, Mayor Curtiss read the Oath of Office, there was a round of applause from the those in attendance.

The only item on the consent agenda was approval of verified claims for the period ending October 18 in the total amount of $435,068.32. Some verified claims over $1,500 included: $136,255.27 for liquor store inventory, November rent, and sales tax; $6,713 to Richard Almich for Interim Director services; $25,000 to the Montevideo Economic Development Authority for unanticipated repair and maintenance account for the new school per agreement; $6,500 to Steven Jones for independent contractor levee services; $10,520.34 to Emergency Automotive Technologies for 2019 Tahoe Squad set-up; $8,519.73 to MN Pump Works for ABS pump; and $7,990 to SEH for blower replacement.

The council unanimously approved the payment of verified claims.

In general business, the council considered a request from Arnie Solomon/Audacious Hope Happening, Inc., for the use of Smith Park as the site of a Christian music festival. The festival would take place on June 26 and 27, 2020. The council unanimously approved the request.

Next, the council considered approving an addendum to the existing independent contractor agreement with Steven Jones. The addendum called for extending Jones’ levee project services until June 30, 2020.

A discussion ensued during which council member Todd Hay expressed reservations about continuing to extend Jones’ contract. He said: “I hope within the next six months we get this resolved.”

City Manager Robert Wolfington said: “I believe we are close to seeing the project’s completion, and having Steve Jones will help speed the process along.”

When the discussion was over, the council voted unanimously to approve the addendum and extend Jones’ contract to June 30, 2020.

The council considered awarding bids for farm rental property for crop years 2020-2021. Five bids were received for the farm rental property which surrounds the Monte­video/Chippewa County Airport. Five parcels of land and two alternate parcels were up for bids.

Staff recommended that the bids be awarded to Travis Birhanzl for two parcels, and to Toby Sunderland for three parcels, plus the two alternative parcels.

Based on the bids, revenues to the airport would be $59,825.80, the county would be $1,452.80, and the city, $980.

The council considered a request by Barbara Salazar for the use of Sunset Cemetery for a Day of the Dead celebration on Saturday, November 3. Her family would like to bring food, music, and flowers to their loved one.

The council discussed the matter, and found no reason to deny the request, which was then unanimously approved.

The final item of business on the evening’s general business agenda was the consideration to adopt Ordinance 955. the ordinance would amend existing city code by allowing single family homes to be built within a R-3, multi-family district. The ordinance was adopted unanimously.

Montevideo City Manager Robert Wolfing­ton provided the council with an update of the Montevdieo Veterans Home Project, as well as the Public Works Facility.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next regular city council meeting will be held on Monday, November 4, 7 p.m., at City Hall.