The Watonwan County 4-H Award & Recognition Annual Banquet was held on Sunday, October 28, 2019 at the VFW hall in St. James. The theme for this year was “Deal a Winning Hand with 4-H.”

The Nifty Thrifty and Speedway Builders clubs hosted this year's event. Emcees for the evening were President Seth Pierson & Treasurer Jacob Runge.

Youth and adults that were recognized from the St. James area were:

Cloverbuds: Sofia Beckendorf, Josh Bologna, Emily Braaten, Owen Eischen, Ariannie & Kelsey Galamez, James Galloway, Ace & Gemma Garibay, Abigail Meyer, Christian Meyer, Anna
Nelson, Naomie Rete, Landon Roe, Kristoffer Vite, & Allie Winrich.
Achievement Winners: Payton Brown (Food & Nutrition, Photography)

Xander Brown (Food & Nutrition)
Mya Hanson (Crafts & Fine Arts, Performing Arts)

Mykela Hanson (Dairy, Photography)

Landon Hoppe (Beef, Swine)

Jackson Miest (Dairy, Performing Arts)

Levi Miest (Dairy, Swine)

Isaiah Rete (Exploring the Environment, Global Connections)

Lydia Rete (Crafts & Fine Arts, Global Connections)

Jacob Runge (Swine, Photography)

Katelyn Runge (Performing Arts, Engineering Design)

Keeley Runge (Food & Nutrition, Engineering Design)

Diane Sargent (Quilting, Indoor Gardening)

Lynnzae Van Wyk (Meat Goat, Flower Gardening)

First Year member: Owen Eischen, Ella Flohrs, Ariannie & Kelsey Galamez, Gemma Garibay, Abigail

Meyer, Naomie Rete, Ava Spitzner, Dylan & Kristoffer Vite.

Clover Award: Xander Brown, Ella Flohrs, Ava Spitzner, Lynnzae Van Wyk, Allie Winrich

Youth Leader Award: Payton Brown, Sara & Barbara Craig, Cooper Crawford, Lucas Doll, Mya Hanson, Landon Hoppe, Briar Lenz, Landon McGuire, Jackson Miest, Lydia Rete, Jacob Runge, Diana Sargent, Charles Schmidt, & Isabella Vidana

Tween Leaders: Luella Beckendorf, Quin Vidana, & Dylan Vite

High School Graduates: Lucas Doll, Landon Hoppe

4-H Graduates: Sara Craig, Mackinzee Miest, Michael Nett, & Lydia Sargent

10-year member: Barbara Craig & Charles Schmidt

5-year member: Isaiah Rete & Cross Schmidt

Demonstration Award: Jacob Runge & Luella Beckendorf

Outstanding Club Officers:

Golden Gleaners:

P-Michael Nett-
VP-Elisabeth Pankratz
S-Diana Sargent
T-Payton Brown

Nelson Wide Awake:

P-Jackson Miest
VP-Charles Schmidt
S-Mya HansonT-Briar Lenz

R/H-Levi Miest and Mykela Hanson

Nifty Thrifty:

Vp-Landon McGuire
S-Lucas Doll
H—Lynnzae Van Wyk
Retiring Federation officers: Landon Hoppe & Lucas Doll—Youth Representative
Federation officers—2019/2010: Treasurer-Jacob Runge

Youth Representative-Cooper Crawford

1st-year Adult Leader: Hailey Eischen
3rd-year Adult Leader: Lucia Beckendorf, Kyle Hanson, Linda Lenz, Samantha & Scott Runge
5-year Adult Leader: Jim Yock
40-year Adult Leader: Mary Ann Bannerman & Vivian Helget
Friend of 4-H: Paul Haler
Club Organizational Leaders: Sue Craig, Salome Sargent, Kari Miest, Cali Schmidt, Jackie Nielsen, Kayla
McGuire, Joleen Braaten, Michelle Knudson,
Livestock Superintendents: Jim Hoppe, Cali Schmidt, Kari Miest, Amanda Petermann, Joleen Braaten,
Matt Durheim, & Hailey Eischen,
LQA&E Trainers: Chris Wellman & Kayla McGuire
Food Stand Manager: Abby Grove, Vivian Helget, Paulette Olson,
Thank you to all of the Watonwan County 4-H members and families for another successful year.