The Southwest West Central Service Cooperative’s Educational Learning Center has been in operation for a little over two months, and things have been going well. Not only does the school provide a unique educational experience for its students, it also has a unique on site Ready Clinic.

Jennifer Bozosi, Behavior Analyst for the ELC’s Ready Clinic, explained what the Ready Clinic is. She said: “The Ready Clinic is an early intervention program focused on providing quality, medically necessary applied behavior analysis treatment to children six years of age and under who are diagnosed with autism and related disorders.”

“The treatment is aimed at reducing challenging interfering behavior and closing the developmental age gap between its young clients and same-age peers before they enter school at age seven.”

In addition to the Montevideo campus, SWWC currently operates ELCs in Belview, Cosmos, Pipestone, Willmar, and Windom. Both Pipestone and Cosmos will debut their own Ready Clinics in 2020. “As far as I know,” said Bozosi, “The Monte Ready Clinic is the first of its kind to be attached to an ELC.”

In addition to Bozosi, there are seven other staff at the Ready Clinic: Sidney Knapper, Hannah Redmond, Faith Richard­son, Allie Lockman, Amy Sippl, Sarah Kreuter, and Amber Bruns. Also on staff is Dr. Caroline Moniza, who is a Clinical Psychologist.

The Ready Clinic is able to provide a number of services for its clients. Bozosi said: “We offer diagnostic assessments, developmental testing, and medically-necessary ap­plied behavior analysis treatment one-on-one with therapists and child. We also provide family coaching that focuses on improving a child’s gross motor, fine motor, language, social, and daily living skills with the goal of reducing challenging behavior.”

Bozosi sees the Ready Clinic as a perfect fit into the SWWC line up of services. “SWWC always strives to bring a service of excellence to its member districts and Greater Minnesota. The Ready Clinic is aimed to close the service gap between early diagnosis and school-age services. It is the first in Minnesota to have achieved preliminary accreditation through the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, which recognized the Ready Clinic for its systems and plans to uphold high standards of clinical treatment, staff training, and parent training,” she said.

Referrals to the Ready Clinic can be made by schools, or by parents. Appointments are requir­ed, and can be made by calling Bozosi at 507-339-4933, or by email at

Children up to six years old and who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or a related condition, may qualify for the Ready Clinic.