A vision of times long past appeared in Montevideo on Monday afternoon when the Dakota Prayer Ride and Water Walk passed through town. The group began their journey on Dec. 10 at the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Memorial Park in Sis­­seton, South Dakota.

Sharon Day, of Minneapolis, delivered her copper water pail to Sisseton and led the participants in a prayer water blessing for their spiritual journey along the Minnesota River. In 2017, Day was honored with the CURE River Keeper award for her work in raising awareness about the plight of America’s waterways.

The group participating in the walk consists of water walkers, horse riders, and runners, and they will end their journey on Dec. 26 in Mankato at the Mankato hanging monument. (On Dec. 26, 1862, during the Dakota Uprising, 38 Dakota men were hanged in the largest single day execution in U.S. history.)

Along the way, the group will be offering prayers for those who lost their lives during the Dakota Uprising, as well as for the many Dakota women and children who perished along the route which they are now following.

The group will also be offering prayers for the healing of the rivers and lakes, whose waters have been poisoned, as well as praying for missing and murdered indigenous women.

On Sunday evening, the group stayed in Watson, then began their trek to Montevideo Monday mor­n­ing, following Hwy. 7/59. They traveled through Smith Addition, then crossed Hwy. 29 and walked along Parkway Drive, as well as State Road.

Once the group reaches Mankato, they will join 38 Dakota Runners and participate in a Sunflower Healing Circle on Dec. 26.