Jerome Amos Sundgaard passed away March 3, 2020, at his home in Littleton, Colo., from complications of a combination of rare bone marrow diseases: myelodysplastic syndrome and myeloproliferative disorder.
Jerome was born Feb. 20, 1941, in Montevideo, and graduated from Milan High School in 1959. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia College in Moorhead, pursuing a career in real estate and finance after graduation.
Jerome enthusiastically loved life and pursued knowledge and adventure wherever he could find it. He was an avid outdoorsman, traveling the world hunting and fishing. He was particularly proud of landing a 605-pound black marlin off the coast of Tahiti, and often shared stories about moose hunting and fishing in Alaska and New Zealand, as well as on a large number of North American and Canadian lakes.
A dedicated husband and father, Jerome and his wife, Roma, instilled their love for outdoor adventure into their sons with regular hunting, fishing, backpacking and camping trips. Those special times turned into lifelong pursuits for them as well.
Passionate for nature and the outdoors, hunting and fishing were more than a hobby for Jerome. He was so committed to his outdoor adventures with his sons that he once resigned from his job because his boss asked him to cancel an upcoming fishing trip with them. He treasured these experiences with his sons.
Many times, holidays were celebrated in the field. Thanksgiving and Christmas, he opined, were great times to be out there because everyone else was at home. Several holidays were spent hunting geese and pheasants as a result.
Jerome had other passions as well, which included wood carving and playing pool. He was part of a team that won two consecutive American Billiards Team Championships and welcomed all challengers at the neighborhood tavern where he enjoyed sharing stories and often beating the younger patrons, well into his 70s.
Jerome loved humor, telling stories and laughing. He liked making other people laugh and recalled any number of humorous stories and anecdotes at a moment's notice. He always said he got along with kids and dogs — he really enjoyed people.
Jerome is survived by his high school sweetheart and loving wife of nearly 58 years, Roma (Jerve) Sundgaard and their two sons, Gregory of Colorado Springs – his wife, Laura (Sullivan), and grandchildren Griffin, Leah and Cade; and Jeffrey, of Sedalia, Colo., and his wife Staci (Busby). Preceding him in death were his parents Amos O. Sundgaard and Ida Sundgaard, of Milan; and two sisters, Grace Olson, of Milan; and Jeanette Fletcher, of Golden, Colo.
His cremains will be inurned with Roma's upon her passing next to his parents in the Kviteseid Lutheran - Milan Methodist Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to your local blood bank so that others may live.