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NRA being made scapegoat

I am a member of the National Rifle Association, which has been quite a political target lately. From cartoons showing the NRA with blood on their hands to President Obama shamelessly attacking the 4.25 million Americans who belong to the organization. In the Senate we have the president’s surrogate, Harry Reid, accusing the NRA of being culpable for the terrorism in San Bernardino. What fish tripe!


The NRA is made up of Americans who support the Constitution, not just the Second Amendment. They understand the season the Second Amendment is present.


Our founders lived in a time when the governments of the world did what they wanted to people under their sway, King George being a prime example. Unfortunately for George, the colonies were armed, and it is no accident that the first thing he did was attempt to seize those arms at Concord. Things did not go well for his henchmen because our forefathers could shoot and had no intention of relinquishing their arms, and we don’t either!


Even so today, many governments of this world abuse those under their control but in America, the Second Amendment helps insure a corrupt government can’t. In regard to mass killings, it is estimated the governments of this world in the 20th Century alone killed from 70 to 90 million people. Often they did this to their own citizens, deemed politically incorrect, first registering, then confiscating firearms. The governments of this world ironically have been among the world’s greatest mass murderers.


Now the American elitist gun control crowd is involved in perpetrating a lie. They are not against guns at all. They are against guns in the hands of civilian citizens. They have nothing against the guns being held by themselves, their bodyguards or the government. They know that power can come out of the barrel of a gun and the fact that ordinary citizens were granted that Constitutional power unnerves them. They hate the Second Amendment.


Yes, we live in a time when our Constitution is under attack. In addition, we have an existential enemy in the form of radical Islam. Despite all this, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a protege of community organizer Saul Alinsky, who advocated total control of guns, favors a mandatory gun buy-back program along the lines of Australia. This, however, is not Australia, and I would like to point out to her celebrated majesty, you can’t buy back what you have never owned and our firearms are not for your purchase!


In regard to President Obama and Harry Reid, the NRA is not responsible for crimes occurring in this country. Criminals are responsible for terrorism, period! The NRA has never supported either category’s depravations. It is progressives who have naively set up utopian “no gun zones” in a capricious, cruel world for people to be slaughtered in. They should retitle these zones “criminal terrorist killing zones.” Of such was the tragic location in San Bernardino.

The liberal elite will incessantly attack the Second Amendment incrementally. They will use subterfuge, guile and any excuse. Remember James Madison said, “If tyranny and oppression ever come to this land it will be under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”


President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s gun control scheme for allegedly fighting terrorism may be exactly what Madison was talking about.


—Doug Hodge