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Says thank you to a veteran

How many of us expect good service? We all do, especially if we aspire to quality products and services for our hard-earned cash laid down.

How many of us aspire to be servants? Most want to walk their way out of service if at all possible.

Our military is a prime example. Only 2.5 to 3 percent of American people (without a draft) ever volunteer or expect to be called to military service. That is now how our country got to be what it is today.

God bless our young people who volunteer to serve and are in our service or have been in our services (all branches) in their lifetimes. We could not live as we do as Americans without them bravely and honorably serving, so we can go about our lives pretty normally. Please thank a veteran for their service.

There are many other ways to serve, as well. We can all do something to improve our own lives as well as those of others if we but think and decide to make the effort to “make the woodpile higher than we found it.”

We all have gifts and talents; freely given to us so that we can add something to mankind. Bless those who make that effort, and I challenge those who have only thought of it.

No greater love is there than to lay down your life for a friend — or in the military — those you didn’t even know.

—Dave Swenson


House Democrats support ‘males’

Collin Peterson, along with the entire delegation of Democrats in the House of Representatives, voted last week for males who “identify” as females to have the “right” to use female bathrooms and locker rooms in schools and other public places as a female would.

This “right” would include allowing these males to shower with females and otherwise watch them undress against their will.

The following information documents this vote:

On agreeing to the amendment, as amended: Amendment 47 to HR 5055:

That reference to the vote on amendment 47 doesn’t specifically mention what the amendment was, but I identified it by the 43 Republican votes for it:

—Steve Emery