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Islamic State can’t get bad press

It must be a deep concern and extremely aggravating for the Islamic State because no matter what they do they cannot get any good press in America! No matter how often they attack the infidel in this country (that’s us folks) and claim responsibility, they never receive any credit for it! It must gall them to no end to have their efforts referred to as a gun control issue or “work place violence” as was labeled in Fort Hood.

Take our president for example, before the dust settles he changes the issue to one of gun control not Islamic terrorism. In Orlando he spoke about the need to control firearms but never even mentioned the attack was generated by radical Islam’s hatred for the gay culture!

Democrats have picked up their leaders hue and cry for gun control and filibustered for approximately 15 hours in the senate without hardly a mention of Islamic terrorism.

The talking heads on CNN dutifully fell into line changing the message from international terrorism to gun control although they also speculated about other reasons for the attack. Thus far they have stated that the attacker was a sexually conflicted gay man and that was the major reason for the Orlando attack, not ISIS. They also charged that Christians had set up the caustic environment that led to the attack. They then went on to speculate that Donald Trump’s vitriol had stirred up hatred and was the reason for Orlando and that the killer had a harsh father which contributed to his motivation for the attack.

It seems impossible for the real creators of the carnage to get the credit they have claimed and deserve.

The Islamic Jihad has been around for some time and I remember a panel on TV discussing the issue years ago. On the panel was a Muslim scholar who had studied radical Islam and who finally reached his limit of frustration. He stated, “What is there about when they say they are going to kill every last infidel that you don’t understand?”

It is estimated that radical Islam has slaughtered upwards of 30,000 people per year including other Muslims they consider apostates, as well as Christians, Yazidis and other people groups and the solution that is stressed here is gun control?

—Doug Hodge


Please do some research

This letter is addressed to the gentleman who called our church last week threatening to bring a blow horn and protest at the next funeral held at our church. This in response to the Baptists protesting at the funerals of the Orlando shooting victims. The caller used words like loathsome, hypocritical, anti-Christian, despicable and bigotry. May I take the time for four comments.

Concerning the protests by the Kansas wackos of Westboro Baptist Church, I couldn’t agree with the caller more. God is not willing that anyone should perish but that all should come to repentance. There should be no rejoicing when anyone is murdered and families should be afforded the time and space to grieve and bury their own without such hateful attention-getting protests.

I am dismayed that the caller assumed all Baptist churches are one and the same. There are as many “flavors” of Baptist churches as there is ice cream —Southern Baptists, American Baptists, Conference Baptists, Conservative Baptists, Regular Baptists, the list is long. Do some research and you will quickly learn the zanies from Westboro are in no way connected to any church in our community.

I am disgruntled that the caller jumped to the conclusion because we share the name Baptist with some group, we favor all their positions, attitudes, and actions — that we are all one and the same. You should have learned a long time ago, that just because one clergyman abuses his position, you don’t conclude every clergyman of that denomination does the same. Just because one teenager is arrested, you don’t conclude every teenager in that high school is a criminal. So just because one group with the name Baptist acts like a bunch of nincompoops, you don’t conclude all Baptists are the same.

Finally, I am disappointed that you didn’t have the courage or respect to come to my office, speak to me personally, and find out firsthand what we believe before you went into your tirade and threats. Your refusal to leave a name and to block your number says volumes as well. Should you follow through on your threat to protest at a funeral at our church, we will greet you with a bottled water on a hot day or cup of coffee on a cold day.

—Pastor John Runyan

Cornerstone Baptist Church, Montevideo


Do you value your liberty? It’s hard to know if people do and how they can show it. We go about our daily tasks sleeping, eating, working, recreating, taking care of our families and business affairs with such ease and graciousness, sometimes we forget. We have liberty, “Thanks to God and the brave.”

Our son who is again in Afghanistan, says a good day over there is IF no one is bothering them, their family or their goats. A great day is when traffic is shut down and the kids can go out in the street and play soccer.

We have an uncanny ability to forget how good we have it here in the United States or being a “free American.” Ronald Reagan said it best; “Liberty is only one generation away from being lost.” Let’s think about that as we go through an election year and make choices which will weigh in big in our ability to continue to enjoy liberty.

God bless you all as we enjoy the summer; especially the 4th of July and the vacation season.

—David Swenson