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Fundraiser help appreciated

Thank you Montevideo for supporting the MHS choir/band car wash and brat fundraiser on October 1st.   

We greatly appreciate everyone who stopped by to support these fantastic students! A very special thank you to Bill’s Supermarket and Montevideo Cenex for your generous support. It is wonderful to live in a community with businesses and residents who support local students as we experienced that day.  

The 2017 New York choir/band trip will be an incredible opportunity for learning, fellowship, performance, and personal growth as they experience this dynamic city as a group.

Every dollar invested in these students is an investment in the future of our community and our nation, as these are our future entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and workforce. Thanks again!

—Lisa Schultz and

Scott Marquardt


Thanks for help with CC meet

Once again the Thunder Hawks cross country invitational was a success.

Congratulation to all of the runners that competed in the meet. We cannot say enough thanks for all of the help that we received from the Thunder Hawks coaches, athletic department and administration.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the CC parents that donated their time to set up the concession stand, work their shifts at the stand and hand out water and Gatorade to the finishing runners. Also, let’s not forget the sweet treats that the parents made for sale. Thank you to The Crossings golf club for hosting the CC invitational and for all of the help that Chrys provided with our set-up.

As usual, an event could not take place without all of the wonderful people and businesses like KDMA Radio, Minnwest Bank, Potter Electric, Cresthill Apartments, Ambient Chiropractic, Walmart, and Wymar Apple Farm that donated food, beverages and supplies. Thank You to Paul DeZeeuw for the great sound system that provided enjoyable music and allowed Missy Ochsendorf to masterfully perform the MC duties to recognize the senior runners and their parents.

Lastly, thank you to Anderson-TeBeest Funeral Home, Dave Voller and Ken Enevoldsen for the wonderful tents that created the concession stand and protected the electronics from the threat of rain.

Go Thunder Hawks!

—Mark and Becky Tastad

and Montevideo junior class

cross country parents

Yes, this is that serious

There are two realms — Caesar’s and the higher power.

We are in an election which will determine this nation’s future indefinitely or maybe we’ll all have the sense to pull back, look at our real future and vote to save America and our American ideals. Yes, it’s that serious. We need to look at each candidate and choose long-term.

With the Caesar track, we get homo-sexual and all other issues related —same-sex marriage, dictating our ability to direct persons of waivering sexuality to a safe and correct bathroom and our women and children to a safe, private experience as they perform normal bodily functions as well.

We are at a total leftist drift, and I don’t think we can afford to drift there any further. Please think of the long-term effects and don’t let the Russians, leftists and the sexual issues of the campaign fool you into thinking that sin and evil are one in the same. We are all sinners; we are not all evil or of evil intent.

The voters in this election need to understand that we all make mistakes, we all sin. We all want to do something, hopefully the right thing.

Examine how you can vote for candidates that will do the least damage to us and our country.

—Dave Swenson


Where is our nation’s heart?

Steve Emery’s editorial regarding Democrats inspired me to respond to his fear-based political views about people unlike himself.    

It seems to me that Christians would seek policies and political candidates that align closest to that of Jesus’ liberal positions of care for the outcast, those discriminated against, the women, the children, the poor and oppressed.  

God is bigger than our individual interpretations. Many extremist Muslims, like many extremist Christians, have misinterpreted the spirit of their faith, radicalizing their actions by doing harm to others.   Prejudice categorizes all Muslims as “beasts.” Certainly there are  Muslim extremists that embrace horrible violence in the name of “Allah.” Yet most Muslims are gracious and peace-loving people. The same can be said of Christians. There is much violence in our Bible, but yet I would hope that most  Christians would follow a non-violent, forgiving, and compassionate Jesus who asked that we love our neighbors and our enemies.

Where is the heart of our nation when we want to refuse refugees from war-torn countries like Syria? The people have suffered so much. They are screened before they enter.  

Jesus never condemned homosexuality. We can be  proud of Andrew Falk and others who stood up for the rights of every person to marry the person they love. Consensual love harms no one, and brings much joy to many. I believe that Jesus would have defended the dignity of the transgender person as should we.   

We all need to be concerned about our environment, to care for our soil and water. Legislation  guides our actions, protecting the future of our planet that is the source of life. Corporate and business  interests seek profit, often overlooking the long term effects of their actions. Global warming is a scientific fact that is disputed by some in the United States while coastal nations feel the resulting casualties of rising water levels and dangerous weather patterns.   

It is confusing in an election cycle, listening to sound bites and insulting banter to know who to vote for. I know many good, long-term Republicans, led by their faith, that do not live in a climate of fear that is so prominent in the current Republican rhetoric.    

For me, I will vote Democrat because I find that their platform of hope and opportunity most closely aligns with my ideals of a world with peace and justice for all people regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.

—Vicki Poier


Relay for Life meeting Oct. 17

There will be an informational meeting for the 2017 Chippewa County Relay for Life on Monday, Oct. 17, beginning at 6 p.m. at the Montevideo Pizza Ranch. If you are interested in starting a new team, please join us on the 17th.  All team captains/members from last year and previous years are welcome and encouraged to attend.   

We’ll start planning fundraising events for the 2017 Relay for Life which will be held on Friday, May 19, 2017.

—Pam Eklund


Thanks for help need of support

The Chippewa County Food Shelf serves residents of Chippewa County. The main Food Shelf location is in Montevideo and is open Mondays from 1:30 to 4 p.m., Wednesdays from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 4 p.m., and Fridays from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 4 p.m.  

A satellite Food Shelf is located in Clara City and it is open Tuesdays from 1 to 5 p.m. The Mobile Food Shelf also brings food to Milan on the second Monday of every month from 2 to 4 p.m.  

The Chippewa County Food Shelf served an average of 205 households per month in 2015, totaling 7,944 people. To date the Food Shelf is averaging 212 households per month in 2016, and if this trend continues, the Food Shelf will be serving over 8,000 people this year. The Chippewa County Food Shelf serves in one month today (24,629 pounds in July 2016), more than what it was serving in a whole year (22,076 pounds in the year 1996), 20 years ago.  Due to the ever rising need, the Food Shelf is always looking for support from volunteers for day-to-day operations, and donations from business and individuals throughout this community.

I would like to say, “thank you” to everyone that has supported the Chippewa County Food Shelf this year and in past years and to those of you that will in years to come. During this time, I would like to give a special “thank you” to the grocery stores in this county that have provided generous support to the Food Shelf. One in particular I wanted to mention is Rhode’s Family Foods, formerly of Clara City. As a part of their closing, they provided the Chippewa County Food Shelf with 1,624 pounds of food and personal care products.

One last group of individuals I would like to say a special “thank you” to is the people involved with “God’s Garden” from Clara City. To date, they have provided the Chippewa County Food Shelf with 11,836 pounds of fresh, locally grown, produce. With all the support the Chippewa County Food Shelf is receiving from Clara City, Maynard and the surrounding area, the need for better representation and direction from a community member living in those areas would be appreciated and the Chippewa County Food Shelf has an opening on its board of directors for this individual. If interested, please contact Prairie Five at 320-269-6578.  

The Chippewa County Food Shelf needs your donations and volunteers in this community to keep up to the demand this county is experiencing. If you or your organization can help in any way, please contact the food shelf at 320-269-6578. We appreciate the businesses, organizations and church groups for your fundraisers and donations this past year.

—Samuel Lye