Letters to the Editor, Thursday, February 9, 2017

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Where are we going?


Protesters ­— 1,000,000 or more it seems.

Veterans — those who sacrificed and many died to give us freedom even to protest.

Tolerance — use it to see if we really have something to protest.

Paid protesters — about 1,000,000 and growing.

Professionals — paid by the liberal majority to protest everything and anything not perceived by them and their protectorates to be politically correct at this precise time.

Where have we been and where are we going? How do we get it right in the greatest country that exists and the greatest that has existed for 200-plus years.

Enemies — those who would like to see all of us as Americans dead and trampled under foot.

Focus — could we agree that there are some things we disagree over but don’t have to “fuss it to death” every time we disagree?

Thankfulness — we have such a good thing here in America. Thanks to our veterans and a never say “roll over and play dead” attitude sanctified by good politicians who do take our needs seriously and try to protect what is good before all the protesters put it to ruin and shame.

In God we trust — give it some time and prayer, please!

—Dave Swenson