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Things we often take for granted

Have you ever thought about how many of the great things you need and use every day and how they have come about?

Most likely, they were not born as an idea or reality in a large to huge factory or as part of a monster industry. They were most likely created by a small group or an individual in an obscure environment with some support of others who knew of the efforts and failures that preceded the successes we enjoy today.

• Thomas Edison: the light bulb.

• Henry Ford: the assembly line and great cars, lots of them.

• Thomas Jefferson: the Louisiana Purchase.

• William Seward: the purchase of Alaska, our 49th state.

• Cecil Keller: the skid steer (Bobcat) loader.

• Alexander Graham Bell: the telephone. Yes, that’s the precursor of the cell phone.

• Gutenberg: the printing press — books, magazines, papers.

• Benjamin Franklin: electricity and bifocal glasses.

• Swenson Orchards: the Dave’s Dilemma famous apple invented here in Montevideo.

We all have our favorite things. We do need to pay attention to the fact they were not always here. The person or persons who brought them to us deserve some credit and perhaps a mention.

Please know good ideas are born and some even appreciated.

—Dave Swenson