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Pot, meet kettle

Last week’s editorial is a perfect example of the old adage: the pot calling the kettle black.

—Bob Goeden


Phone misuse

Have you noticed how many motorists are addicted to using their phone while they drive? I have several visual verifications of persons in this area never seen without a cell phone to their head. Are they popular? Are they looking to get their driving privileges taken away? Do they respect themselves or others as they are driving?

The law is to pull over safely and take the call if you must, but get off the road and out of traffic so others may do their best behind the wheel while you enjoy your call. It’s the law! Please respect yourself and other passenger’s safety. Also respect the people who must share the road with you. We don’t want or need to match wits with a distracted driver. Do you want to match a trooper? I hope our law enforcement persons start paying some real attention to this. Laws are not passed to just have them on the books and be reminded on a driver’s test or retest. This subject really needs some backbone and enforcement to avoid unnecessary accidents or deaths.

I’ve been first or one of the first on the scene of 18 serious accidents involving bodily injury. I’ve seen unnecessary death along with first responders, fire fighters, law enforcement officers and family. This is not fun or funny. Learn before it affects you as a victim or guilty.

—Dave Swenson


Who is the traitor?

Open letter to Mike Pompeo.

Mr. Pompeo,

I recently read your pronouncement regarding Chelsea Manning. Please consider this...

Perhaps the traitor is the one who leads armies of brainwashed slaves to annihilate hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the name of God and DEMOCRACY. The same one who preaches free speech and slaughters anyone who dares use it. The one who lives in terror of reaping what they have sown. The one who assassinates presidents foreign and domestic. The one who always picks a fight with the weakest kid on the playground.  The one who drags nations into war based on unvarnished lies. The one who foments chaos and destruction. The one who with a pen-stroke could change the world for the better but has willfully chosen to make it worse.

Perhaps the reason our "government" has so many secrets is for the sole reason that almost all our foreign policy is illegal immoral unethical unjustified unprovoked racist war-baiting and armament pushing. Perhaps the one who is putting American lives at risk, is the one who commands them to do reprehensible things, not the one who reveals these facts.

Perhaps real civilizations despise us because we are decadent and deluded, debased and debauched, doped and dumbed, disturbed, despairing and done.

Perhaps the Prince of Peace will have something to say about what we have done to this planet. Perhaps that is why we are so afraid. Perhaps we can still pull it out the crapper.

Perhaps I am painting a target on my head by exercising my freedom of speech. Perhaps your murderous thugs will threaten my life, too, because I speak truth. If so, I gladly go down with the likes of Chelsea Manning,

Perhaps honest government isn't too much to ask.

—Allen Buchanan