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Thanks to a great kid

On the night of the storm in south Montevideo, the neighbors and Tom and I were outside at 1:30 a.m. We could see some of the damage. Our table was smashed and there was glass all over the rocks in our patio. The umbrella was broken in the middle of the yard. We couldn’t find our flag until daybreak. It was in our neighbor’s tree, about 40 ft. in the air.

Our neighbor’s grandson saw our flag in the tree. On Wednesday, the doorbell rang and here stood Adrian Walstrom with a box. I said “okay, what are you selling?” He said “nothing, I have a gift for you.” He handed me a box and the American flag. He had seen our flag in the tree and went to the National Guard, and they gave him the flag when he explained it. I couldn’t believe how a 17 year old was so thoughtful and kind.

I get so tired reading all the protests in the paper and on TV.

It is so nice to know there are great kids in Montevideo.

Thanks again Adrian!

—Jean Reynolds


Great job coach!

I must tell everyone that our head football coach needs to be commended. About a month ago, coach Vik called me to see if I could get some veterans to be at the field about 4 p.m. on a Thursday. I said yes and picked up a WWII vet and Korean vet. There were also four Vietnam vets and five Guard members who participated.

At 4:00 he stopped practice and had the team kneel at the 50 yard line, and then had the veterans come onto the field facing them. Coach Vik then proceeded to give a talk to his players for about 10 minutes. He said that football is only a game, and that they have the privilege to play the game because of the veterans standing in front of them. He said these veterans sacrificed and fought to keep us free, and we will respect the national anthem and the flag before games by standing at attention facing the flag during the national anthem. He told them they will not be moving around, looking in the stands or tugging on their jerseys. He asked them if they all understood what he had just said and there was a very loud “Yes Coach.” He said now we are going to practice doing that, just as we practice plays. Then he had someone sing the national anthem.

After the anthem was done, he had the team and coaches come to each veteran and shake our hands and thank us. I can tell you that all of the veterans there as well as those that heard about this said how much they appreciated what Vik did. Now if only our NFL team owners and coaches could instill this into their players as Vik did with his players.

   Coach Vik I want to thank you for those moments and what you do for football in Montevideo.

—Doug Broich


Thank you

I am writing this letter to thank everyone for their generous support and greatly appreciated efforts in helping make Veterans In The Outdoors (V.I.T.O.) a beneficial and worthwhile nonprofit organization.

Since our founding, we have managed to plan numerous outings and events for veterans and their loved ones. In August, we were granted the ability to host a Range Day at the Mills Creek Gun Range in Montevideo, MN. With over 50 people present, there was no more room for everyone to shoot! The local National Guard was gracious enough to allow three soldiers to take away from training in order to display a few of their weapon systems.

Thank you all for helping make events like this worthwhile for the veterans in our area. By supporting these events, you have helped fight the war on veteran suicide. Whether it is an attempted deep sea fishing trip in Florida, shooting ranges, fundraising at Talking Waters Brewery, a boundary waters canoe trip, or waterfowl hunting right here, we have put on successful and much appreciated outings that are memorable for the veterans and their families.

  This coming Saturday (Oct. 7), V.I.T.O. is helping the local chapters of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association and Pheasants Forever fund the annual Veterans Pheasant Hunt and the Heartland Preserve in Granite Falls, MN. Please inform those around you that have served of this event, as it is free and a lot of fun. If you or someone you know has served, please submit their contact information so we can share these events with all those that deserve it. Thank you for your and support, and please, spend some time outdoors.

—Steven James