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Veteran’s Day

Our local Veteran’s Day celebration will be held on Friday, Nov. 10 at 11 a.m. The ceremony is at the FAC - Montevideo schools - 3rd Street location. We also prepare a full meal to be served at the VFW by the fairgrounds in Montevideo. Swenson Orchards and our local Sr. citizens group prepare and serve apple crisp and ice cream for all of our veterans and family.

  “We can never do too much for our veterans.” They volunteered and did the work of the United States and the Free World for the past 242 years. A proud heritage that now only attracts about 1% of its citizens to respond. We all register for the draft, but less than 1% serve in today’s armed forces. God bless all who come forward to serve.

  Our police, patrol and firefighters deserve equal credit. We could extend that to ER and paramedic, emergency personnel also.

  Bless us God as we proceed with a belief that you guide us and provide wisdom that carries us through the ages.

—Dave Swenson


Each according to his need

Over the years, the local aquifers, fed primarily by surface waters, have adequately supplied ground water for our community at a reasonable cost. However, now Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water Systems (LPRW), a private utility company, is planning to purchase water from the City of Dawson until it can buy land to drill wells into the area’s aquifers to pump water into its system.

   LPRW recently completed drilling test holes to determine hydraulic pressures of the area’s ground water, and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is presently profiling the area’s aquifers to determine sustainability. After profiling it, the DNR will issue an Appropriation Permit which will further define pumping thresholds, and among other things, allow LPRW to pump and transfer the water out of the area. In Minnesota, Appropriation permits are based on the doctrine of “Equitable Distribution” which means the state is required to ensure ground water that is sustainable and available is equitably distributed in the state, which obviously can impact current users.

  The DNR’s profile and LPRW’s exploration of the aquifer provide only a snapshot, and will not measure or monitor what has happened over time to provide more definitive documentation about long-term sustainability to support the proposed well field and the existing users. There is already a moratorium for any further commercial expansion by LPRW in part of its service area, and there are two other examples close by that have experienced problems by over pumping aquifers. One is the Granite Falls Ethanol Plant, and the other one is the City of Marshall, including water usage by the Archer Daniels Midland Corn Plant in Marshall. In both cases, water had to be obtained from other sources to alleviate the pressure on the aquifers. It is therefore obvious the profiling of the aquifers done in these situations was ineffective to determine sustainability. To begin with, LPRW may not pump to the threshold values, but with future expansion by LPRW, coupled with the need to supply water shortages to its existing systems, you can be assured the permitted pumping threshold will eventually be reached. We do not want adequately supplied with water at a reasonable cost changed to, I hope we can find some more water?

—Richard Olson


Gold Duster waffle fundraiser big success

Thank you to all Gold Duster Dance Team families, fans, and alumni who attended our waffle fundraiser on October 28th. We greatly appreciate it, and you helped make this event a success! Also, a big thank you to our sponsors for their generous support: Friendship Homes, Coborn’s, Co-op Credit Union, Gary Bruns State Farm Insurance Agency, DC Signs, Custom Printing, and Mike and Dee Lund of West Central Seeds. We are grateful for the support from these awesome local businesses and from the community! Our talented and dedicated athletes are working very hard to master their routines. We look forward to seeing all of our awesome fans at our competitions and home performances this season. Go Gold Dusters!

—Scott Marquardt