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We need help!

Salvation Army exists as a volunteer organization. We have sites to ring at, now we need volunteers to ring the bell and collect funds. We also need donors. We will be having individuals and events where ringing will occur. Please be generous as the funds will be very well utilized.

  The funds, once collected, go to Prairie Five, CAC to be administrated. The police, sheriff’s office and firefighters are the most common “triggers” as they know the needs best. Vouchers are issued only to businesses that are vending goods or services to help those in need.

  Some of our ringing sites are Coborns, Bill’s Supermarket, Second Time Around and Fiesta City Liquor. We have counter kettles in many locations. Ace Hardware, Kibble Equipment, Pizza Ranch, Java River, and Valentinos. We also have kettles at City of Maynard, Drexmart, and Budgers. Clara City at Almich’s and hopefully the city office. LQP-Cenex at Dawson and Madison, Lund Implement, the Pantry Cafe and Jubilee Foods. Dawson also has kettles at Tim’s Food Pride, 2nd Time Around.

  We will run the campaign Nov. 22-Dec. 23, 2017. As the bell ringer coordinator for both counties I can be reached at 320-269-7838 or 145 60th Ave. SW, Montevideo, MN 56265. Thank you all very much.

—Dave Swenson