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Miracle of Life

Mother to be:

When did you know something was happening inside of you?

When did you know you were eating for two?

What did it feel like?

Do you know the blessing of motherhood or has our flawed idea of abortion (induces expulsion) captured you?

Maybe it’s time to recognize a higher authority - a God of forgiveness, grace and life.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

—Doris Henning


St. Martin’s Fund

The St. Martin's Fund office was once housed at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. It is now housed in the County Social Service Agency because of safety concerns.

I believe that the following examples represent those that The St. Martin's Fund might be able be able to serve:

It is for the single parent counting out pennies in the coin jar on the kitchen counter trying to find enough money for School lunch.

It is for a person enduring a financial crisis after being in treatment for addiction, searching for meaningful employment.

It is for the cancer patient who has taken every ounce of energy and dignity to pay her water bill so that her children can wear clean clothes, drink clean water.

It is for the mother who had to borrow $20.00 for gas from her children to get to a WorkForce Center meeting to satisfy requirements to retain certain benefits.

It is for an elderly bachelor who has diabetes and must decide whether to buy firewood for a wood stove or diabetes medication and medical care for his feet.

It is for the father experiencing difficulty breathing, walking and talking after experiencing a massive stroke who has lost his ability to work, and needs gas money to attend Physical Therapy.

It is for the mother enduring a severe migraine whose exposure to light doubles the pain, whose children have sport's fees to pay for, whose children dream of an Olympic Meldal.

It is for the parent of a handicapped child needing to fix a flat tire on a wheelchair so that their child may shine brightly during a school choir and band music program.

It is for the grandmother, retired, caring for her grandchildren while her daughter or son undergoes 12 chemotherapy sessions, whose income can not pay for a bag of groceries.

It is for saltine crackers, a can of baked beans and some Oreo cookies for a widow who has worked all of her life to build a happy home, only to lose it when her husband's long-term care expenses exceed her salary.

It is for the veteran whose PTSD symptoms destroyed a loving relationship and whose nightmares left him alone at Christmas sitting by an unlit tree because of a late untility bill.

In Mother Theresa's memoirs and quotes, we have learned that kindness and compassion are beautiful bandaids for covering up the wounds of injustice, poverty, prejudice, and hatred.

Every story can be made beautiful. No one needs to be  perfect to be lovable. No one in poverty should have to crawl in on hands and knees begging for compassion and kindness.

Christ's love was a perfect balm capable of curing the blind, the leaper, the wounded heart, and/or the incurable disease.  At the very least, The St Martin's Fund might Help a lost sheep find it's way back to a caring and compassionate shecpherd

My highest regard goes to those who have compassion and kindness for those enduring temporary poverty, and poverty that threatens to wrestle your faith away from you and hopefully never will.

Let there be peace AND KINDNESS on earth and let it begin with me.  Amen.

Please consider giving a donation to The St Martin's Fund.  Thank you!

—Sandy Lynn Erickson


Blood Drive

The American Red Cross blood drive was held at the TACC in Montevideo on January 18, 2018.

The blood drive was sponsored by the American Legion. Sixty-six units (including 19 power red) were collected with six deferrals. Receiving gallon pins were as follows:

  David Dvorak - 1 gallon

  Wayne Erickson - 1 gallon

  Mike Mammele - 1 gallon

  Marsha Munsterman - 7 gallons

  Dr. Roger Schneck - 15 gallons

  Thank you to all the generous area donors. The next blood drive will be on Thurs. April 19, 2018 at the TACC in Montevideo. To make an appointment, please call Jane at (320) 269-5393 or go to

—LaVonne Stegeman