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Do you love too much?

Lent is a time when we can ask ourselves and try to figure out a “life plan” to rid ourselves permanently, or at least temporarily, of things that can harm us and our relationships.We may give up feeling sorry for ourselves or not enough sorrow, pity, or empathy for others.

  We can simply take time to visit lonely persons. So many are lonely and shut into situations they feel no chance to get out of, or at least explore alternative ways of looking at their world or situation. They simply need human contact or touch to assure themselves they are still alive and are thought of, prayed for and wished well in trying times.

  Yes, we can also give up chocolate, wine, beer, TV, gambling or too much of anything that can enslave us into unhealthy patterns of behavior. The food shelves, clothing banks, Habitat for Humanity and other charities give us ample opportunity to put some real effort into changing others’ lives. We can also immerse ourselves in visiting the sick (post flu season I suppose). We can also be of service in helping ignorant persons-truth-real truth.

  Those who are doubtful need clarity. In our own right we can forgive those who have harmed us, bearing wrongs patiently, pray for the living and dead. Bless all your lenten efforts.

—Dave Swenson