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What’s your legacy?

Have you thought of how people will remember you when you’re no longer here? It’s good to do that at times in your life when we “slow down a bit.” We can do it anytime.

  Memorial Day is soon here. Our loved ones who have passed are now leaving us - each of us know them; a legacy. What did their lives stand for, what can we remember them by? Try to remember and honor them.

  I believe we also need to think of our veterans many times each year. Memorial Day is a perfect time to do that. What they did, what their missions stood for, the freedom we share and the people they liberated and saved are very worthwhile remembering. Do we know their stories? Talk to family and find what they stood for. Most don’t go to war to hate an enemy. They want to protect those who are behind the lines and left at home. They also stand together (a band of brothers) to help and protect each other in peril.

  We as Americans have much to be proud of and much to be humble for. Bless us all as we stop to take stock of what Memorial Day and our loved ones can leave behind as legacy.

—Dave Swenson