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The left and the media (one in the same) have stooped to an all-time low, even for them, with their feigned outrage over the children being separated from their parents at our border.  It would be understandable if it weren't for the fact that it's been happening in one form or another for years. There is legislation plus a 9th Circuit of Appeals decision involved. The photos of kids that sparked this latest "outrage" were taken in 2014.  Did we hear anything about the "cruel plight of the children" in 2014? Did anyone hear about baby prisons then? In 2015, President Obama told an immigration attorney that parents should not allow their children to make the dangerous journey to our border.

Unlike the countries these people are fleeing, ours is a nation of laws.  Let's say you are a single parent and you decide to commit a felony hoping to give your children a better life.  Let's then say that you are caught and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Are you separated from your children? Yes!  Our immigration laws are there to protect everyone. The adults with these kids may not be their parents; they may be human traffickers, drug cartel members, etc.  We need to know; we need to protect these kids and our citizens.

The left doesn't want the immigration problem fixed; they see future voters and a familiar election bludgeon.   The media ignores the improved economy, the hopeful North Korea situation, low across-the-board unemployment, drastic decreases in food stamp use and reduced regulations.  They want to distract us from the scandalous behavior of top government officials by screaming at the camera about Stormy Daniels, Russia collusion, or their crisis du jour.  Today it's "baby prisons". I'm bored by the relentless phony outrage; it's sick and getting sicker! The media no longer reports the news; they shape opinions and are bordering on subversion.

—Patty Hahn


4th of July

  We celebrate our freedom (242 years) as a quiet matter of fact. Too bad its on Wednesday we could have had a long weekend. yuk. The 4th of July should be one of the greatest american holidays of the whole year. Perhaps secondary only to Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving. We have so many to be thankful for that we are actually a free people who can speak freely and expect not to be beaten or incarcerated for our thoughts or words. Our deeds may be another matter.

  We still need to be respectful and hope others appreciate that of us and themselves. We are a very diverse background and are willing to tolerate a great deal as others join us here in America. But being American is advanced citizenship in a world beset by all too many who wish to take our freedoms too lightly. The upright citizens have paid dues. Those who choose to join us need to be willing to pay it forward & become one us-not just snatch&grab those things that make America-American’s.

  The recent border issues have us all confused and enraged, but there needs to be a settling point in which children are re­attached to the family and treated with respect. God bless America.

—Dave Swenson