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Icons of democracy

As we celebrate many events and seasons we have come up with some real guide posts of what we are and who we are. New Years Day, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day surely count big on the American Calendar. Easter, Flag Day, Patriot Day, Election Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are just as great. Our local festivals such as Fiesta and the County Fair tell us of our festive celebratory nature just as well.


Here we are at the season of the county and soon state fairs. We all love to celebrate our accomplishments and blessing of the current if not equally the many years we have celebrated together the richness of our land and society. We reach out to be thankful, funny, creative and just celebrate the goodness and the continuous blessings we share.


Help us and each other share the great traditions and the wonderful newness that our county fairs celebrate each year. Showmanship, rides, meals, awards, ceremony and good music, some dust, smells, tastes and conversations shared will help us prepare for the great harvest and then on to the somber and more sobering part of the year - winter all 5-6 months of it.

—Dave Swenson