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Active countdown to fall

“Look alive or you’ll be replaced by a batton.” Have you ever been told that? Perhaps too 60s or 70s for most, but still very real today. We’re not all on cellphones 24/7, or texting while driving (a no-no) so it may not fit us so much today. Safety is everyone’s concern though! Where did we get so important and so busy that everything has to be instantaneous. The world will not go away if we don’t answer that call the instant it comes in. Pull over safely and answer it. Let’s look out for each other in the immediate area and surrounding rather than someone who only bothered to call us-perhaps not even important or turning a call into life-threatening accidents.

  Sometimes I think, it’s hard for us to think beyond the minute or even down to the second. Let’s give it a try so everyone can go home safely. Soon fall will be here and lots of trucks, tractors and school buses will need extra space and time for each and every one’s safety. Please think and start practicing that so larger and heavier vehicles can get their jobs done and you can say you acted safely. You never know when you can save someone’s life.


 Please enjoy the rest of summer. Fall harvest, school and other July and August activities so we all see Christmas again this year.

—Dave Swenson