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Why Monte is great for kids

While people come and go, every community develops a legacy that endures through time. I enjoyed my twenty years in Montevideo and believe this article, written eleven years ago, best describes what I like most about this special place in western Minnesota.

  You get to go to midget baseball through summer rec and learn to love baseball.

  You go to the library summer reading program and they know you by your name.

  You go to your first car race at Fiesta race track and win an awesome bike.

  You enter a canoe race with your grandpa at the Fiesta canoe race and win a prize.

  You go to the Fiesta parade and come home with a bag of candy.

  You take golf lessons through summer rec and learn that even if you drop your club, someone will turn it in.

  You have a bike trail across the road from your house that you can bike to town on.

  You can swim every day at the outdoor pool and water slide if you buy a season pass.

  You can afford to go to the latest movies with your own money.

  You meet new friends, see old friends and find great coaches in your summer rec sports.

—Deanna Johnson

Hot Springs, CA

Did you go to the fair?

What a patch of beautiful entertainment and weather. We started with check-in at horticulture and then onto the Burn Out at Adams Olds. Smoke much? - Yes, they did. My favorite was Tyler Dezeeuw - youngest. Then I lived there Thursday through Sunday. So many great things to do, see, hear, experience and taste. We had friends, family, and other guests. The best was the food. Had you already had sweet corn? So sorry if you missed it. The beef producers sure always put on a good feed too. Yum! I ate at the 4-H food both and some specialties as well.

  The best is the 4-H and FFA persons who strut their stuff. They work all week to do it, but all year to produce, train, groom and work with it so all the best comes out. Then onto the state fair - only three weeks away and runs for eight days surrounding Labor Day.

  Seeing kids enjoy the food, games, face painting, displays, reptiles, animals and our great carnival, but also the food. Do you ever watch kids with cotton candy and slurpies? That’s a show all on its own. God bless the parents and grandparents who get to clean them up and live with them after all that sugar. Do you remember those days?

  We took in the races, some bull riding, “Mutton Bustin’”, and a few other shows. We really enjoyed the displays under the grandstand, around the commercial buildings and in the open air spaces with so much shade or sunshine as you wished.

  Didn’t win anything, but it all was a win-win. Please thank our fair board and county commissioners who plan and invest in this great event for all of us to enjoy. See you again next year.

—Dave Swenson