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Horsin’ around

On Saturday, Sept. 8 we attended the Horse Power event at the Chippewa County Historical Site - The Swensson Farm near Asbury. This is a very good expose of what people can accomplish with and enjoy yet in the Horse age. We watched so many different usages and types of horses to accomplish so many tasks that most people have forgotten. This is tragic; as we’re not that far removed from these animals and all they helped people accomplish. My dad, Alvin Larson and so many more farmed with them until the “tractor age” took over farming. That ran up to WWII and shortly thereafter for so many farms.

  Hans and Daisy were the “workers” until 1953 and giving them up was one of the hardest things dad said he ever had to do as a farmer. Plowing, dragging seeding, and hauling manure were some of their last tasks, but just taking them out daily with full harness was a joy and a ritual so deeply blessed. We got to see horses and people do so many things and share the working relationship between man and horse we’ve almost forgotten.

  Thanks to the men and women who still honor those memories and keep animals for work and pleasure so all of us can enjoy a perfect day in September seeing how it really got done. Bless you all.

—Dave Swenson