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The American-News welcomes letters of opinion from our readers. Letters regarding current local and national news items are encouraged. All letters are subject to editing for length and style. Letters containing potentially libelous or obscene statements will not be published. Letters must contain name, address and phone number for verification and in case of questions. E-mail letters to: Letters may also be mailed to:  Editor, Montevideo Publishing, P.O. Box 99, Montevideo, MN 56265

Clean air, water, and safe financial futures

1. My grandchildren deserve clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and protection from predatory financial institutions.

  2. In the 1960s and 1970s, acid rain from coal-fired plants was destroying New England forests, and the heavily polluted Cuyahoga River near Cleveland, Ohio actually caught fire. Conservative Republican President Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to clean up air and water pollution. He appointed William Ruckelshaus as the first EPA Administrator from 1970-1973, and Conservative Republican President Ronald Reagan re-appointed him as EPA Administrator from 1983-1985. Conservative Republican President George W. Bush appointed former New Jersey Republican Governor Christine Todd Whitman as EPA Administrator from 2001-2003.

  3. Big Oil’s Mr. Scott Pruitt (former EPA Administrator) and former coal industry lobbyist, along with current EPA Administrator Mr. Andrew Wheeler, have been dismantling the EPA over the last two years. Mr. Ruckelshaus and Governor Whitman strongly oppose the actions taken by Mr. Pruitt and Mr. Wheeler, and are actively working to reverse the cutting and gutting of the EPA.

  4. The 2008 economic crisis caused by financial deregulation resulted in 2.6 million people losing their jobs and 1.2 million homes being lost. The Dodd-Frank remedy led in part to the creation of the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau (CFPB) designed to protect little guys like me from predatory financial institutions. Director Mick Mulvaney has been cutting and gutting the CFPB for several months.

  5. See #1 above. I miss Harry Truman and John McCain.

—David M. Larson


Veterans home donations

If all goes according to plan, groundbreaking for the Montevideo Veterans Home is slated for the fall of 2019 with occupancy beginning in May of 2021. It is a pretty exciting time for the Veterans Home Committee (VHC), which has been working on this project for over a decade. More support is needed in the way of donations, small or large, which will be matched two for one by the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs. In the words of Marvin Garbe, VHC Chairman, “Time is of the essence, we must have the money escrowed with the State of Minnesota by November.”

Please send your donations to ‘City of Montevideo, (attn: Montevideo Veterans Home Project), P.O. Box 517, Montevideo, Minnesota, 56265.’

—Carl F. Ohliger

Granite Falls