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Pheasants Forever another success!

October 6th came cloudy and cool. Multitudes of hunters, mostly veterans, assembled at Minnesota Heartland Preserve on Highway 23 between Granite Falls and Maynard. It was the 7th annual Pheasants Forever-Minnesota Deer Hunters Pheasant Hunt. Birds were shot, stories were swapped and a good time was had by young and old. Many 70+ and even some 80 year olds took to the fields or shared a silo hunt. The dogs were superb, the pheasants were the “fall guys,” and the people found they had gun skills that were going rusty, but did a fabulous job of “making feathers fly.” Don’t have the exact numbers, but the veterans took the birds home. Bon appétit to all.

  A meal of smoked brisket, beans, potato salad and trimmings capped the event with all going away full and more full of stories, and a great event shared.

  Thanks to the Pheasants Forever Chapter Chippewa Co. and the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association-Two Rivers Chapter for hosting this great event. Fagen Fighters did a multiple “fly over” at 10:15 and then the hunt began. Heartland Preserve, operated by Dick Fagen, hosted the event and he and crew provided the birds, the experience and the dressing of the birds so veterans could take home a pheasant - “pan ready” to be enjoyed with the stories shared.

  Thanks to the Chippewa County Ambulance for being available. Keep the heritage, honor our vets and help provide experiences that can be shared with each other and loved ones.

—Dave Swenson