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Well-being of my grandchildren & journalists

1. Donald Trump: “I don’t believe it.” - in response to official scientific government reports on the uncompromising findings that the pace of global warming is accelerating and fossil fuel burning - oil, coal, and natural gas is primarily to blame. My grandchildren must have clean air and water and protection from drought, wildfires, flash floods, rising sea levels, wetland pollution, and weather extremes. Please Google “Christian, Climate, & Courage.” Former Republican Senator and Ambassador and current Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats: “Environmental and climate change is a threat to human security.” Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board: “We are sinking; seawater is rising; the rate of change is accelerating.”


Some prominent Republicans on Donald Trump:

  2. Former 4-Star General, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State Colin Powell: “national disgrace, international pariah”; it’s now “Me the President” instead of “We the people.”

  3. Capt. Sully Sullenberger, hero of the 2009 miracle landing on the Hudson: “Remarkably incurious and doesn’t value learning; I don’t think he’s either capable or willing to change.”

  4. Secretary of Defense James Mattis: “We can’t trust Putin.” Donald Trump is Putin’s friend - remember his Helsinki embrace of Putin and put down of our NATO allies. Putin’s political opponents and neighbors aren’t doing well. Reporters’ deaths in Russia go unsolved. Russia interfered in our 2016 election. Putin is our arch-enemy and the enemy of democracies.

  5. Donald Trump publicly praises a Montana GOP Representative who body slams a reporter and then wonders why others feel free to murder journalists. I worry about Mike Milbrandt and his colleagues - they must be free to ask questions and write without fear of reprisal.

  6. I miss Harry Truman and John McCain, and I believe Robert Mueller is our most important American right now.

—David M. Larson

San Antonio, TX

Salvation Army goal unmet

There are a few days left to donate or write a check. Kettles are still out. Donations will all be gathered up by Jan. 5th.

  There are several reasons why this has happened. The farm economy and our whole economy are not healthy as in past years. The biggest reason is 30-35% of persons shopping are not giving. Most of that is due to people only carrying plastic. We don’t and won’t have card donations due to the response to ramp up to this technology.

  A severe shortage of volunteer bellringers and some less friendly sites to ring at have been sited. We reached everyone we could. Dave Swenson, local Chippewa Co. Bellringer Coordinator, has concurred with these reasons and highlights the economy and the farm economy being soft in particular. We had a mild weather season, but the lack of volunteers was increasingly difficult to deal with. Very few checks were written this year also. We will need to seriously rethink how to solicit funds from the non-cash carrying potential donor or the funds will just not be there either.

  If you have answers, donations please call 320-269-7838 or send checks to 145 60th Ave. SW Montevideo, MN 56265.

—Dave Swenson