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Thank you!

With the recent snowfall and stormy weather, I would like to thank the Chippewa County Highway Department for their prompt plowing and sanding of the road past my house (County Road 15 SW). Year after year they do a good job and I appreciate it!

—Bev Knutson


Update on vets home

Work is advancing on funding for three new veterans’ homes in Montevideo, Bemidji, and Preston. The Legislature approved $32 million to cover the state’s share of the costs, and local governments and individuals have been amazing with their financial support for these homes.

We are working closely with the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs to secure the final federal funding to provide care for local veterans.

Some local residents may have been disturbed by a recent statement by a Twin Cities Senator who called for the unfunding of the three facilities.  This is after 11 years of work to approve the Montevideo veterans’ home.

I am writing to assure you that this last-minute complaint is going nowhere. I have got this covered. I will safeguard this funding and get these veterans’ homes built. I will work closely with our new Governor Tim Walz, who is a veteran from Mankato who understands our needs.

We have got this covered because Montevideo did all the hard work and got it right.

—Rep. Tim Miller


A memory

While scanning the TV the other night, I heard them say the word ‘Titanic’. When I was in 6th grade I had a girlfriend named Irene Stienberg, and she lived with her grandmother who was a Titanic survivor. I walked home with her one day, she lived behind the Monte theater. We sat on the curb talking until her grandma called her in.

  My parents moved to Minneapolis and the years flew by. I missed my friend, so I moved back to Monte to finish school. I lived with my grandma then. But my friend was gone and her grandma had died, and no one knew where my friend was.

—Elaine Rosen Hudson

Coon Rapids