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Fake science

This is in response to the Jan. 3 ‘Well-being of my grandchildren & journalists.’

Here’s a few reasons why man-made global warming via CO2 emissions is ‘fake science’:

1. Atmospheric CO2 has been climbing since recording began in 1958, with a slight downturn in the early ‘90s when volcanic air pollution blocked some of the sun’s energy thereby cooling the ocean enough to allow absorption of CO2 into the water. Note that when the pollution haze clears off, temperature goes up and then CO2 levels in the air go up as the ocean heats up and releases dissolved CO2.

2.  Geo-engineering scientists working on blocking the sun’s rays to cool the planet say that: “Even if we completely stopped carbon dioxide emissions today,  earth will continue warming over the next several decades.”

3.  The ratio of man-made CO2 to natural CO2 on Earth is about 1 to 2400. If a 12 ounce glass held Earth’s CO2, man’s portion is about 2 drops. How are those 2 drops going to jerk temperatures around to dangerous levels?

4. Recent findings show that some volcanoes are pumping a lot more CO2 than we thought. Mt. Katla buried under a glacier in Iceland emits up to 24,000 tons CO2 per day;

It’s possible many more sub-glacial volcanoes worldwide are dumping much more CO2 into the atmosphere than we thought.

5. There are 40,000 miles of volcanically active mid-ocean ridges of which we only mapped a tiny fraction; that’s a real big thermal and CO2 output area we know little about.

6. Stratocumulus clouds forming off the coastlines can turn the global temperature up or down by a few degrees over a century of time, and the “climate models” cannot predict which way it will go. (July 2018 issue of “Science.)

7. We had global warming about a thousand years ago (Medieval Warm Period) — it’s a cyclic thing, no need for baseless alarmism.

—Phil Drietz