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Charity or greed?

Last night, I brought my excited eight-year-old daughter to the Montevideo High School gym where her class was preparing to sing the National Anthem prior to the Boys Varsity Basketball game. My daughter was so proud to show off her hard work to the entire family who was coming to watch and support her. Upon arrival, we were informed we each had to pay full price to enter, even though we were only staying long enough to watch her sing, then leave due to a previous engagement. My husband asked to speak to Bob Gray, the Activities Director, who confirmed we would have to pay full price to enter. My daughter instantly burst into tears. I reassured her we would pay, because she was worth it. So, we paid $30 to stay for five minutes. The kids sang beautifully, and we left right after. I counted at least 20 other family members who also paid full price, and left immediately following the National Anthem. Easy money for the school system, I guess.

I understand where the school might be concerned about some who may try to take advantage of being allowed in free to watch their children, then do not choose to leave as they indicated they would. Couldn't there be another way around this? A brightly colored wrist band for those parents or hand stamp? A reduced fee, even?

Some parents have encouraged me to stay for the game and make the best of it, which I have chosen to do in the past. On this occasion, though, we had plans and could not do so. It’s the principle of the matter! Why should we have to pay $30 for five minutes?

Another parent suggested I just consider it a donation to an underfunded organization, which I would prefer to do voluntarily...not be told I have to pay or not be able to watch my child sing. I feel bullied!

I have heard from several parents who have repeatedly chosen to not attend these events, because they either cannot afford to or simply choose not to pay these outrageous prices when they are not staying for the game. Who suffers? The children who are performing for their parents and other family members.

I am only asking for a better, more fair option. Unless one is presented, my children will not be performing at games, either before, or at half time. We will, instead, spend that hard earned money doing something fun...just for them!

—Sueann Paulson


“Fake science”

In response to the Jan. 17 Letter to the Editor “Fake science”:

1. Glaciers, arctic and Antarctic ice, as well as Greenland are melting at an accelerating rate.

  2. Sea levels are rising.

  3. Former Secretary of Defense, 4-star general, scholar and soldier James Mattis: “Climate change is a real and national security threat.”

  4. The Department of Defense is not a liberal institution.

  5. I remember decades ago when scientists detected holes in the ozone, determining that CFCs were causative. CFCs went away and the ozone threat was neutralized. I don’t hear about ozone much anymore.

  6. Shipping companies are making plans to route their ships through the Arctic because of vanishing ice.

  7. Please ask coastal dwellers in South Florida, Alaska, Pacific Islands, and South China Sea about rising sea levels, their vanishing way of life, and “fake science.”

—David M. Larson