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The Message

When do our politicians get the message that they are elected to work out solutions for us, “the taxpayers”? I don’t think it’s happening. Do they get the message? They are elected servants of the persons who have put them into office - temporarily. Maybe, where we really need to start is to spell out they are not building a personal career, but a legacy of service to the voters - taxpayers and persons who sent them. To their palaces far away and secluded from us, but jarred and controlled by lobbyists and other seriously. Our influence cannot stop when the election is over. It needs to be nurtured from our end and hopefully accepted on their end. If not we have a political mess like we seem to have inherited.

  A great question is “when did  the electorate fail to have input and where did the respect for politicians cease.” We look at the mess we’re in statewide and nationally and neither of those aspects seem to be practiced. As a result we see no progress, hear so little of what is really happening. We fume and fuss under our breaths and don’t really get a chance to have our ideas, ideals or opinion expressed. Why no one up there is listening to us and we deserve better than that. Accountability is a two way street.

  Get your voice expressed early before the election. Keep up the influence you have and ask for results real accomplishment. This means work and we’re capable of that if we wish for real change.

—Dave Swenson