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Guidance & instruction

1. I grew up in Monte in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. My parents, teachers, coaches, and scoutmaster instructed me to correct what I could. Coach Christianson, high-decibel-highly-specific-terminology-left-no-room-for-doubt, instructed: “Larson, if you do actually allow a receiver to catch the ball, be sure to tackle him!” Fewer decibels, but more effectively, Mr. Ralph Lunde corrected my English and Mr. Darwin TeBeest, my geometry. Scoutmaster C. Stai admonished: “Always leave the campsite and trail better than you found it.”

  2. The ozone protects us from the sun’s harmful rays, and CFCs were a major culprit - scientists discovered this and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) helped correct the problem decades ago. Acid rain was destroying New England forests, and air pollution was contributing to chronic lung disease and asthma morbidity and mortality - scientists discovered this and the EPA helped correct the problem decades ago. Water pollution was bad enough that in 1969 the Cuyahoga River in Ohio spontaneously caught fire - scientists discovered this and the EPA corrected the problem decades ago.

  3. The EPA was established by conservative Republican President Nixon in 1970. Since then Republican and Democratic Administrations have elicited input from industry scientists and environmentalists before making decisions and establishing policy to protect our health, natural resources, and economic growth. The current administration has ignored scientists and environmentalists over the last two years and cut and gutted the EPA, undoing decades of regulations that have protected us. The Trump-appointed EPA Director and Interior Secretary have both been forced to resign over ethics violations. The current EPA Director is a former coal industry lobbyist.

  4. See #1 above - I had good guidance growing up. See #2 above - We had serious problems that scientists and the EPA corrected. See #3 above - Either Donald Trump did not receive the quality instruction I received growing up, he wasn’t paying attention, or financial considerations outweigh his responsiblity to correct problems. His policies jeopardize my grandchildrens’ health.

—David M. Larson

San Antonio, Texas

Thanks for all you do!

I wish to thank Aaron Blom and the City crew for their quick response to my call for their help on Wednesday afternoon, March 13.

The rain and sudden thaw sent a torrent of water down the alley behind the lower level of my picture framing business where all of my matboard, glass and related supplies are stored.  

When the water started coming in and covering the floor, I called Aaron’s cell phone.  Within a short time, he and another crew member arrived with a front-end loader and cleared the snow and ice away from the storm sewer so the water would properly drain into the storm sewer.  

Their quick action to my problem on an extremely demanding day for them saved my inventory from a total loss.

The whole City crew deserves a big thank you for the job they have done this winter.

Thank you.

—Robert E. Christensen


Sow the seeds of growth

How can a person possibly be so evil as to enter two mosques and open fire on men, women and children? A significant part of the answer is that a person who would do such a thing would not view his actions as evil, but as good. “What a twisted mind!” we declare. “This is what happens when public discourse deteriorates to the point where hate is tolerated,” we say wisely -- comfortable that we do not live in that world of judgement and hate -- a world of extremists who refuse to conform to moral codes. Here’s the rub: evil deeds are usually done by people who believe that they are not only justified, but for the greater good. The Klan didn’t burn crosses to scare people, but to shine the light of God on what they perceived as evil. Every time that one of us makes an offhand remark about “all those Somalis” in Willmar, “those Mexicans” who won’t follow the rules in school and are driving down our housing values, those players and fans from the big metro schools who don’t know how to behave appropriately, “those people” in the cities who block traffic with their protests, “those faggots” (yes, we might use nicer words -- we are TOLERANT people, after all) who are leading our kids astray and threatening our churches…. Every time that we talk like that, even and especially if we believe that what we are saying is true, our children are listening, and our children believe that what we say is true without any experience to show them otherwise. The seeds of hate can be sown in our homes.

We cannot change media coverage or national discourse, but we can control what we teach our children.

—Matt Danielson


Unity within the community

We are very proud of our community structure and how to maintain it as we progress into the 21st Century. We are growing, but it’s not easy to always maintain a complete picture of prosperity. We can see difficulties especially in the ag sector as we emerge into 2019. Lower crop prices and a difficult time seeing a thriving commodity market are here upon us. Soybeans particularly are a difficult trade and economic-budget issue. We all understand that China’s part in our agriculture picture is a key player as we now face cropping decisions. Pork has been a very depressed area and now we are seeing some hope for rise and even possible profit help to boost agricultural hopes.

  Dairy is working hard to emerge in our area. The closing of several industrial and commercial businesses have really had a severe effect on our long-term economic stability. We’re having some growth in infrastructure with a new special needs school and the development of the yet-to-be-built veterans home in our area. Taking care of our persons and the area needs are high praise to this community’s caring nature and willingness to invest when times seem tense if not very difficult. We believe in ourselves and each other. We have good schools, a good commodity marketing structure, great farmers who are constantly rethinking conservation and cropping policy. We have a very Christian caring infrastructure and are working hard to make educational community support structures grow and continue to serve our populace. Yes, constant growth and adjustment are needed, but we continue to try to meet needs as they arise. We are blessed and always look toward a bright future.

—Dave Swenson