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Respecting one another

In these last few weeks I have read two thoughtful spiritual messages in this paper. "The Word" columns by Pastor Jeff Fitzkappes, and the letter by Vicki Poier in last week’s paper. Both were well-written examples we should try to emulate in our treatment of people we see as "different.” Tolerance and respect through empathy. Well said!

—David Dvorak


Drainage accountability

It is indisputable that water run-off from field tile drainage contributes to flooding, and it may be a determinative factor in that regard because the amount of water in each watershed that flows from those fields into the rivers and streams is so massive. The legislature should pass a bill making landowners with field tile drainage jointly and severely liable for any flooding in a watershed that occurs if they don't plug those drains before the spring flooding season begins until it is over. The farmers' fields would have plenty of time to drain before planting season. Landowners should be compelled to be "good neighbors" and not dump their water issues on other people in the community and the associated massive expense that goes along with it. I realize that it would be a slight inconvenience to the landowners, and require some slight modifications to their drainage systems, but that is nothing compared to the cost and expense that is being borne by everyone in having to address the problems that arise due to flooding, much of which occurs due to field tile drainage.

—Steve Emery