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A little help and a big thanks

I just wanted to thank a few good young men that helped push my car out of the snow recently. As I turned to go into an alley, I started sliding, and was quickly lodged. My son started walking home to get equipment, and seconds later a car of teenage boys pulled up and three nice young men asked if I would like assistance, and they said they would push the car out for me. I had been stuck in that alley several times before, and I had my doubts. As they walked to the front of the car, another young man in a military uniform got out and ran to help. The four of them had me out in seconds.

  I am very thankful!

  Several times this week, I have been in line or in a situation where I have overheard people complaining about their kids or grandkids not being all they were cut out to be, and I remembered these young men that didn’t sit and think, but instantly responded to help someone. I am sure these gentlemen have parents and grandparents around somewhere that would like to know how wonderful they are. I did not ask names, and they asked nothing of me. If you know one of these young men, thank them again!

  I believe that the younger generation is the life of the community and the hope of the future!

  Thank you!!

—Sandi Myers