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Just do what makes sense

I had the chance awhile back to sit down and talk with a local man who started a manufacturing company from the ground up. Intrigued by his success I asked him what it was that he found so much success and he said, “I just do what makes sense, if it doesn’t make sense then why do it.”

  With that question in mind I ask you: Does it make sense for Montevideo to have three community centers? We already have a joint facility with the National Guard and a beautiful building in Southtown Plaza. Now we are going to purchase and renovate the former Coborn’s building to the tune of three million dollars. If CCMH goes ahead with approval of the $750,000 purchase agreement with Coborn’s they will laugh us all the way to the bank to cash the check. In essence we paid a grocer and major employer to leave Montevideo.

  Montevideo already has three fitness centers. If CCMH pursues yet another fitness center and has a sliding fee schedule, that puts the three privately owned health clubs in danger of suffering enrollment losses which could in turn lead to their closing. Now we are filling one vacant building on Highway 7, but risk opening three vacant buildings, two that are located on Main Street, which in recent years has struggled with occupancy and turnover.

  It has been projected that the proposed new health club could be profitable in its first year and have the entire project paid for in under ten years. That sounds very promising. Remember a few years back when the Minnesota Legislature told we Minnesotans that electronic pull tabs were going to partially fund a billion-dollar stadium, and they turned out to be a big flop?

  Please urge the commissioners of Chippewa County and Montevideo City Council members to ask “Does it make sense?” when voting on this joint key issue.

—Jared Steen