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“Minnesota Nice”

What happened to Minnesota Nice? Apparently not alive in Montevideo, MN.

  Only in Montevideo would a business be allowed to put up an abhorrent sign in the driveway approach to the golf course. Is this an example of the stockholders sagacious behavior?

  I have never been nor plan to be a member of this golf course. I do not golf, nor do members of my immediate family. This sign is offensive and humiliating.

  Please remove the sign and show some respect to the Hagen family that does golf there and has for the last fifty years. If this is an example of the new direction, you might have chased off an effective helmsman.

—Lynn T. Hagen


Struggling in Monte

In case anyone missed it, CCMH was on the front page of the Mpls StarTribune a week ago, as being the 5th worse managed hospital in the state of MN. Had concerned citizens not spoken up a few years ago, the CCMH Board would have continued its disastrous course and we would have been the worst.

Now the same city, county and hospital board members that brought this great distinction to our community want you to believe a Rec Center is a profitable venture. The cities of Granite Falls, Redwood Falls, Milbank, and New Ulm all supplement their Rec Centers via tax dollars.

If we as a community want a Rec Center, then let’s go into it with our eyes open. I strongly urge a Rec Center to achieve a broad community benefit. However, attacking small existing businesses with $3M of public money is surely not a fair fight. Had this huge economic boost occurred downtown, I offered the donation of all our Mind Your Fitness equipment, 10’s of thousands of $’s worth, for free. The entire City Council, & Commissioner Lieser, turned their backs on the 98 business owners and their 790 downtown business district jobs.

We now see a gigantic request, $90M from our school district, and the city wants $4M for a public works building. No way can this community afford all of this, and the impact to our farmers in this difficult Agri-profit climate would be devastating. No one believes our schools are “growing”. However, this community has always extended itself to help the schools to the best of our means. Idea: We need to merge a Rec Center with a Fine Arts Center adjacent to the High School. This would also achieve a broader good by utilizing $10M of the $18M of our citizen’s money that CCMH has accumulated.

Community members might kick in another $20M, (and yes, not $90M) but maybe $30M total buy in; more reasonable.

Yes, the defenders of the Socialism Center on Hwy 7 will certainly tell you that they cannot use these funds for this. Don’t believe them. If a community meeting room at the Socialism Center is allowed under the rules, then slanting the floor of the meeting room so that it can double as an auditorium for plays and choir performances in the evening is achievable. Creative legal minds can surely work this out. Do not listen to only a single option; there are always several ways to consider any project.

Rural hospitals are facing an impossible task of profitability in the coming years. The lopsided MedicareMedicaid funded CCMH lacks the counter balance of private sector funds (yes, we have lost too many private sector jobs that bring full paying health plans). If CCMH continues to accumulate losses in the coming years, and a Socialism Center is part of the problem, what will our citizens say then?

It is well documented that rural hospitals will not be able to survive in the coming years, per an industry expert, “without the overwhelming support of the local community”. We do not need to damage one part of our community, to help another. If CCMH Board & City Council turns their back on business, and then turns their back on our school, heaven help this community and the social divide surely to follow.

Please continue to support with your health care $’s, our Doctors, Providers, Nurses, and Techs at CCMH, regardless if you disagree with the CCMH Board.

—Kevin Wald


World trade, with or without China

This day and age and through failure may have to rely on different means to deal with our Chinese trade partners.

  Proposal: With China perhaps our best bargaining chip could be through Walmart. Since 80-95 or + of the goods Walmart sells is Chinese; we ask them to stop buying and selling Chinese merchandise if they don’t “fair trade with the USA.” Simply put, don’t buy small items at all.

  This could put Chinese trade where the average consumer is directly involved in our trade negotiations. They might get very little Chinese merchandise for a short time, but China may be forced to give them no goods or better goods or we go elsewhere in the market to fill that merchandise trail. Us citizens might get better goods and we become better trade partners with China, not by their decisions, but ours. Come up to our standards. I believe we all could benefit as we get bargaining power on the world market and the Chinese government would need to reshape their respect and negotiations in short order to supply the world’s largest partner of their goods. We need to wake up the sleeping giant to today’s bargaining tactic. “Be fair or remake your plans.”

—Dave Swenson