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CCMH Board

1.  CCMH Board members are well-educated, well-informed, well-prepared, & well-intentioned folks eager to see Monte thrive.  They have decades of public service, study the issues, and do their homework. They are appointed, but volunteers, and receive nominal compensation, given all their preparation.

2. They have Monte’s best interests & future in their hands.  If a Contractor, Carpenter, Social Worker, Merchant, Employer, Banker, or critic were in their shoes & faced with the same facts & circumstances - very high likelihood they would have made the very same decisions.  Competitors Willmar & Marshall aren’t far away, & making decisions to keep Tom & Gwen Bowler & Ron Gilbertson & Ricky Meyenburg & their colleagues busy with projects & services growing the local economy is everyone’s priority.  Keeping Monte dollars local is good.

3.  I cannot speak for local icons Don Lofthus & Windy Block, but I am certain they would be among the 1st to urge objectivity & open-mindedness during public meetings & in print.

4.  Bud Grant & Joe Kapp didn’t have much time for MMQs – Monday Morning Quarterbacks.  Neither do I. The critic, faced with all the information the CCMH Board had at decision-making time probably would have decided as did the CCMH Board.

5.       There are two points to be made about the critic’s 16 May LTE:

a.       The Mpls Star Tribune survey is invalid & not worth the paper it’s printed on.  Any survey done without opportunity to refute or challenge has no validity. I challenged one Joint Commission survey & one Inspector General Inspection in my career – both “findings” were withdrawn once the Inspectors were given the big picture.  This Mpls Star Tribune must be ignored until the CCMH Board has opportunity to challenge/refute.

b.       The first line of the critic’s LTE cites the Mpls. Star Tribune – huge inconsistency for a Republican, given Trump’s disdain for Main Stream Media & the bashing he inflicts on Reporters and their so-called “Fake News.”

One coin has 2 sides; A story has 2 sides.  “Gotcha” journalism like the Star Tribune article is just as bad as “Gotcha” Inspections & “Gotcha” Surveys.  Until CCMH Board has the opportunity to give response to that article it is just that - “Fake News.” Those who seize on “Fake News” to advance their own agenda…not good.

—David Larson

San Antonio, TX


This year’s after prom daybreak was a huge success. The junior class parents would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to provide a safe and fun place for our kids to go after prom. A special thanks goes out to the Montevideo Community Center, VFW, the Montevideo Police Department, and the High School office staff. Thanks again for allowing many memories to be made at daybreak 2019.

—2019 Daybreak Committee


Memorial Day

Who would you rather have standing beside you when you’re faced with your hardest challenge? This question is asked in many circles, but the ones most meaningful is you are ever facing an enemy, foreign or domestic. Most veterans have faced serious issues and situations that will bring that question forward. Many civilians have never had to face that situation and cannot understand it until a real crisis in their life hits them square in tha face. “As a deer in the headlights” - who do you want with you or representing you when you are in that crisis. I can name some.

  I know many who have said of a great veteran and friend working to defend our nation, its beliefs and freedom whom they were glad was beside them. Don’t let our veterans down. Give them support in the battles they face and back at home when they face crises that might be unimaginable foor those who have not been there. Life can be scary here or there. They say “yes” to our country’s needs. Say “yes” and give them support, aide, and what they need when facing their greatest challenges “after the battle.” Memorial Day is such a time to show our pride, but

also renew our hope in a nation blessed under God.

—Dave Swenson