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What inspires you?

Many things, but mostly people. We just experienced Memorial Day. Visiting people, cemeteries, and programs that try to do justice to the memories of those who fell in war and or as wounded to try to make a life and legacy in peace-time. Not every soldier has a story. For many; the less said the more they saw and did. It’s hard to imagine and less likely to hear those stories from persons who can’t stand to retell what they did or had to endure. Only careful attendance to their live may get the story of what they hold most dear or maybe even want to forget.

  We all have relatives or friends deeply touched by war and the history of our nation’s best kept secrets. I have uncles, now gone who never told their stories, Korea, South Africa, or even Afghanistan or Iraq. They will tell you I could tell you my story, but you wouldn’t understand it as we won’t share the same experience. Once in a while among comrads you might get a glimpse of what they could tell us. Among friends they talk and share, but be careful of what you repeat. NA always good to overhear and blab the news of someone not which to be retold.

—Dave Swenson


Chief of Police

Last night (Tuesday) the city selected the internal candidate to be your next chief of police.  I am encouraging your community to never stop expecting and demanding better. Speak up. Hold leaders accountable. Share your concerns, fears, experiences and wants with anyone who will listen. Form committees of stake holder from the various minority groups, business community, schools and community at large.  Present your concerns in writing and in public. Attend council meetings and get on the agenda. Educate yourselves in the law, police procedures and best practices. Most importantly always be professional and polite and maintain your integrity. You can be an instrument of change.

Finally, thank you for allowing me this opportunity to meet you, hear your concerns and interview for this honored and important position.  Thank you for welcoming me and trusting me enough to be honest and forward. I wish you the best and pray that you find the happiness you deserve and are looking for.

—Bill Bolt