New Public Works building completed in Montevideo

Jess Gorman
Montevideo American-News

The new Montevideo Public Works building brings the department decades forward into an age of cohesive opera- tions with all the equipment and people that keep the city safe and working, under one roof.

“A project in the works for a number of years” says City Administrator Robert Wolfington, the building will bring operations from 5 previous uti- lized buildings under one new structure. Final figures are still being tallied how- ever the projection is $3.5 million in total cost for the bonded item. “We’ve been very fortunate, our architect Kodet and construction managers RJM have been good at keeping things on track and on budget. Some things we elimi- nated early in the project including the purchase of a new vehicle lift in our shop. Because we were under budget, we were able to add that back into the project” explained Wolfington.

The city's needs and the department had outgrown the smaller buildings detailed Public Works Director Aaron Blom who explained the long time plan-

ning for something bigger. “We started in 2019 with the architecture firm and RJM broke ground in August of 2020” said Blom.

The new facility was completed ear- lier this week with flooring installation being the final piece laid in place Tuesday. Next week the department staff will start moving in equipment such as the plow trucks, loaders, road grater and mechanic supplies. Of the five older remaining public works buildings, one is being converted into seasonal storage while use planning is still underway for the other four.

One thing is for certain. The team that exerts the most physicality in the city, under the most strenuous condi- tions, will make thankful use of the infloor heat of the space and the confer- ence, offices, and break rooms where the team can finally come together. As the public works staff continues to werey their hands keeping the city hum- ming, they will make great use of the wash bay and two mechanic stalls. The new building and its features are an investment back into the needs of the department and inevitably, the community.