Thunder Hawk Apartment Homes to break ground this coming spring

Mike Milbrandt
The new Thunder Hawk Apartments will be built on land located to the south of the former MTI building and Runnings.

It’s all systems go for Montevideo’s newest apartment complex. Construction on the Thunder Hawk Apartment Homes will begin after the snow melts this spring. Once completed, the complex will provide much needed quality housing to the community.

“The biggest thing we’re waiting on right now is the weather,” said Montevideo Com­mun­i­ty & Business Development Specialist Alek Schulz. “We expect construction to move forward this spring, but we don’t foresee anything being done before then.”

According to Schulz, once construction begins, the project will take 12 to 16 months to complete. “The apartments will be ready for occupancy in early to mid 2022,” he said.

The land where the apartment complex will be built is located directly to the south of Runnings and the former MTI building. It’s address will be 201 N. 21st St.

“The initial building will be a 38-unit apartment complex, which is Phase I,” said Schulz. “Once Phase I is done, construction will begin on Phase II, which will add an additional 24 apartments onto the Phase I building.”

Schulz said that the developers build their projects that way in order to share features. He said: “That way, both buildings can share elevators and central utilities, among other things.”

There will be three sizes of apartments available to renters. “In Phase I, there will be 11 one bedroom apartments, 24 two-bedroom apartments with a mix of one or two baths, and three three-bedroom apartments,” Schulz said. “The developers have found that there are some people who prefer the larger apartments in communities similar in size to Montevideo.”

According to Schulz, rent will vary according to the number of bedrooms in each apartment. He said: “The pricing schedule I received ranged from $795 a month for a one-bedroom apartment to $1,295 for a three-bedroom apartment. There will be different pricing for some rooms which is based on the amenities they may have, such as a balcony or laundry hook ups.”

Other planned amenities include an on-site laundry facility for those whose apartments do not have laundry hook ups, and a large community room.

Alliance Building Corp. out of Sauk Rapids is the group contracted to build the complex, and Corey Gerards and Mitch Rengal are the developers of the project. “This will be their 10th project of this type,” said Schulz. “They are in it for the long haul; we’ve done our research into them and they are going to hang on to these apartments and keep them nice. When we looked at their other projects, we saw that they do real good work. Also, every one of their projects has been done in Minnesota.”

The most recent project that Gerards and Rengal have completed was in Staples.