Moseng Chiropractic to change ownership

Danae Milbrandt
Montevideo American-News

Change is universal, it’s a direct result of the passage of time. For 35 years, Brad Moseng has owned and operated Moseng Chiropractic, and time has brought about changes for Moseng and his business as Brock Madsen is set to become the new owner.

“Dr. Brock is going to be taking over the practice at the end of the year. On Jan. 1, he will become the owner of Madsen Family Chiropractic,” said Moseng.

The transition is one that has slowly been taking shape over the past few years. Moseng said, “We’ve been partners for the past three years. Things have been going well, and he wanted to spread his wings more and do a few more things. I felt it was time to move on; 35 years, you know, is a long time. Same place, same doors, same office. Same everything!”

Moseng isn’t totally cutting ties with the officer after Jan. 1, though. “Doc has asked me to fill in and help with the transition, so I’ll still be coming in and helping one day a week,” he said.

Moseng is a local boy, having grown up in Clarkfield and graduating from Clarkfield High School in 1978. After that, he earned a Chiropractic degree from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington.

“I always had an interest in helping people without resorting to medicines and surgeries. I wanted to be in the health profession, and was attracted to the chiropractic profession because the philosophy of chiropractic is natural healing,” Moseng said.

After graduating from chiropractic school, Moseng opened his office in Montevideo in 1985.

“I always knew I wanted to be somewhere back in the area because I like the people here; we’ve got good, good people out here!” he said.

Moseng has been certified in acupuncture, sports medicine, and chiropractic care, and a favorite part of his job has been to care for athletes. He said, “The fun thing that I like to say to people is look at the wall of fame at the Monte High School Gym and all the past graduates that were All-State. Many of them were my patients, so one of the good things about chiropractics is that it helps athletes to be as good as they can be. It also helps them heal faster!”

Moseng helped out on the sidelines for volleyball and basketball for 20 years. “I used to coach all four of my daughters when they came through the school; all of them played ball.”

Moseng is excited to be turning over the reigns of his business to Madsen, and he has nothing but confidence for the new owner. “Doc Brock is going to be continuing some of my same philosophy, my same trust and care into the future,” he said.

Madsen interned at Moseng Chiropractic during the last year of his chiropractic education. “He’s a local boy, and he is interested in a lot of the same things I am. I knew he’d be a good fit to mentor,” said Moseng. “After that, he became an associate and worked here a little while before buying a practice in the Twin Cities.

“I think his calling was still back here, so he ended up coming back and asked me if I’d be interested in some kind of arrangement in the future. Being familiar with him, being comfortable with him, and knowing that he’s a good doctor, I know he’d be a good fit for me as a transition at some point. I just didn’t know when that transition was going to occur, but now it is happening.”

As mentioned earlier Madsen is also a local boy, growing up in the Clara City/Raymond area. “I graduated from MACCRAY in 2008,” he said. “After that I attended Northwestern Sciences University, which is the same school Brad attended; the name was changed, but it’s the same school. I graduated from there at the end of 2015.”

During the final trimester of his college career, Madsen interned with Moseng. “From there it transitioned into an employment/associateship position,” he said.

After a time, Madsen decided to take his career in a different direction.

“I bought a practice in Victoria, and was there for about a year. During that year, Brad and I began to look at what it would look like if I came in and became a partner with him. We spoke about creating a transition plan for him that we could both agree on!” Madsen said.

Once a transition plan was agreed on, Madsen closed his practice in Victoria and returned to Moseng Chiropractic. “I think going away for a little bit was what it took for us to realize that we wanted to settle down in this area,” he said.

Both Moseng and Madsen had specific goals in mind in order to make a transition work. Madsen said, “We talked about what his goals were, and what my goals were. We both agreed that we wanted this to be a win-win situation for both of us! My goal has always been to own a practice at one point, and Brad’s goal was to be able to sell his practice and retire.”

At the beginning of 2018, Moseng and Madsen officially became partners, and the transition of ownership will become official on the first of the year.

“We decided to do it then based on the recommendations of our accountants,” said Madsen. “We initially considered a five-year transition, which we agreed on, and it has come to the point where Brad is ready. I wanted him to feel in his heart that it was the right time. He’s at the point where he has peace about it, so I’m excited to take the jump!”

According to Madsen, Moseng will be working one day a week at Madsen Family Chiropractic. He said, “We’re going to start out with Brad working on Monday mornings and see how that goes. After a few months, we’ll look at how it is going for him; I want him to have a great transition into retirement!”

Outside of the name change, there are no major changes planned for the well-established chiropractic office.

“On the business side of it, there is not a lot that is changing,” Madsen said. “Procedures, services, and hours will be consistent with how things have been in the past, the big change is that Brad will not be around, so we want to ease into that with Brad continuing one day a week.”

From the very advent of the discussions to begin the process of a transition, their patients were first and foremost in their minds. “Our number one priority has been, and always will be our patients,” said Madsen. “Brad and I talked about how we can create the best experience for them during this transition. Having Brad come in on Mondays is allowing that.”

Madsen continued, “I think that any time you have a transition to a new owner and a new name, there will always be some hesitation, but the nice thing is I’ve been working here for three years. I’ve worked with a lot of the patients personally and built personal relationships with most of the patients here at the office and that will help with the transition. Our patients have been very comfortable with Brad, so that’s why we’re easing into the transition.”

After 35 years, Moseng is looking forward to retirement. He said, “Our family is rapidly expanding. I have two grandkids with two more on the way! We have a place at Lake Minnewaska, and it’s going to be fun spending some quality time up there in Glenwood.”

Moseng would also like to take some time to see the sights. “Hopefully once COVID clears up, we’d like to travel more because I like to travel.”

No doubt, retirement will bring changes for Moseng, but he is ready for those changes. “I’ve enjoyed comeing to work every day I’ve been here. I love what I do, and I think if you have a passion for what you do, patients feel that.

“I’ve loved coming to work, and I’ve loved caring for patients over all the years; it’s been fun,” Moseng continued. “I know Dr. Brock has the same passion, and I know our patients are in good hands!”