Echo grain elevator demolished

Jess Gorman
Montevideo American-News

The Farmers Coop elevator of Echo, standing nearly 54 years with the original bean and feed bin built in 1957, is coming down as part of a new $6 million reconstruction project that will add a new bin, bulk weigher, pits, over heads, office, scales and conveyors to the site currently undergoing demolition. Speaking with FCE general manager Scott Dubbelde, it is clear community safety and growth was at the forefront of the decision making process. “The old elevator had served well but had outlived its natural lifespan, after the Hanley Falls wood elevator burned, it seemed the safest option and most efficient for our work into the coming decades to transition to a new steel system” explained the GM.

Three elevators are coming down, the corn house to the west built in 1975, the bean house to the east from 1957 and the old Annex originally erected in 1966. Two bins will remain and a new additional bin is being added. The initial set up will allow for two corn bins and one bean, however the new facilities make changing that over based on area production needs, an easy to maneuver task.

Already the Echo elevator has stopped taking grain deliveries and is redirecting those loads to the Hanley, Cottonwood, and Minnesota Falls locations. The organization is confident the new Echo facility will be a great addition to the community and looks forward to being back in action, new and improved, this fall when construction is completed by Elevator works Inc. out of Lamberton.