Burnout competition returning to Chippewa County Fair

Jessica Stölen-Jacobson
Montevideo American-News

Fans of the Chippewa County Fair’s former Burnout Competition that took place at Adam’s Motor Company can look forward to a return of the event this year with even more action involved in the program. Thanks to Loren Bjerkeset and family, this year the event will have three separate competitions - the Burnout Competition, the Exploza Palooza, and the Loud Pipe’s Competition. The stakes are also higher, with the winners of the top ten spots in the Burnout Competition and the top five spots in the Loud Pipe’s competition winning the most money ever to have been paid out to the winners. Full payout details are available on the Chippewa County Burnout Competition’s Facebook page.

The competition will be held during the Chippewa County Fair on Wednesday, July 28th at the Fiesta City Speedway. The Burnout Competition will take place first, and participation will be limited to 40 cars/trucks. There is a small fee for registering and those participants will receive a t-shirt and sticker that represents the trophies. They’ll have 15 seconds to give it all they have and do the biggest smoky burnout they can. Five children, along with their parents will be chosen randomly from the audience to judge the event. 

The new Exploza Palooza event will take place next and features two cars donated by the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department and the Montevideo Police Department from vehicles that were in their impound lots. These automobiles were brought to the High School and students in the Ag class worked alongside Bjerkeset to alter the minivan for the event, running the exhaust right through the car and out of the roof. The Welding and Fabrication class worked on the car which included the exhaust running through the front push bar. “It was something different, something for them to use their imagination on,” Bjerkeset said. “When I first brought the cars up there, the kids didn’t have a whole lot of guidance on what I was going for, but the second day I was there they figured out it was going to be fun and I think they’re looking forward to it next year.” Bjerkeset, his wife, and their children painted the two vehicles and left all the decal design work and exhaust work to the students. 

Exploza Palooza will be a fundraiser supporting the local D.A.R.E. programs. The two vehicles will have no oil and water. They will be started and a brick will be placed on the accelerator and will run until they stop. “I don’t know if it’ll seize up and just stop running or blow up and parts will go on the ground. We are really not sure what to expect,” says Bjerkeset. Each vehicle will be given a specific “time of expiration” which will match two lucky squares on a time board. Time board spots can be purchased for a small fee for a chance to win. There will be two winners that will each receive $3,000. The board will be at events around the area, and more information can be found on the Facebook page.

While the Exploza Palooza event is taking place, there will be numerous giveaways announced as many area businesses and organizations have donated gift cards or gift baskets to help fill the time while the audience waits for the cars to blow up. “We have over 120 different gift cards and gift baskets to win,” says Bjerkeset.

The final event of the program will be the Loud Pipes Competition, which again will be judged by the same children and their parents. Anything goes for the Loud Pipe Competition. Each participant will drive down the front straightaway, revving, downshifting, and doing whatever they can to make the loudest noise by the end of the straightaway. The only restriction for the event is that the exhaust has to come out behind the rear wheels.

Both the winner of the Burnout Competition and the Loud Pipes Competition will receive trophies designed by DC Signs, created by Valley Manufacturing and provided finishing touches by Burmeister Auto Body. Interested participants can register for one or both events, separately. The registry is available at Burmeister Auto Body.

Additional sponsors have donated cash to help put on the event that Bjerkeset has coordinated. “Nobody put any reigns on me so I kind of went wild with it,” he says. T-shirts are currently on sale at Melody Lanes to help cover additional event costs. In case of bad weather, the competition will be held the afternoon of Sunday, August 1st, time to be announced. Bjerkeset says, “I would also like to thank the businesses and individuals that have helped make the 2021 Chippewa County Burnout Competition possible. I could not have done it without you!”